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The Partner Meeting is a companion meeting to Connect 2019 and is not for general conference attendees.  It is a business meeting for representatives of Samvera's formal Partner Organizations only.

Location:  Washington University in St. Louis

Room: 142 Olin Library (available from 8 AM CDT - 7 PM CDT)

Date and Time: Monday, 10/21/19

Equipment: Seating for 60 with tables or 100 without tables. Podium with PC, DVD/VCR and projector

Food/Drink: A light breakfast with tea/coffee and a mid morning & mid afternoon snack will be provided. Lunch will not be provided.

Chairs: Brian McBride (University of Utah), Richard Green (Samvera Operations Adviser)

Remote Connection Information:

Remote Connection Information using Zoom can be found here

These details are valid only for the Partner Meeting.

Please add your name if you plan to attend the Partner meeting at Connect

Space is limited, but we should be able to accommodate up to two representatives from each Partner.

Brian McBride (University of Utah)

Richard Green  (Samvera Operations Adviser)

Michael J. Giarlo  (Stanford University)

John Weise (University of Michigan)

Brian Hole (Ubiquity)

Glen Horton (University of Cincinnati)

Margaret Mellinger  (Oregon State University)

Stuart Kenny (Digital Repository of Ireland) - Attending remotely

Esmé Cowles (Princeton University Library)

Karen Cariani (WGBH)

Nabeela Jaffer (University of Michigan)

Harriett Green (Washington University in St. Louis)

Rob Kaufman (Notch8)

Casey Davis Kaufman (WGBH)

Nora Egloff (Lafayette College)

Jon Dunn (Indiana University)

James Halliday (Indiana University)

Tim Marconi (UC San Diego)

Jessica Hilt (UC San Diego)

Rosalyn Metz (Emory University)

Emily Stenberg (Washington University in St. Louis)

Chrissy Rissmeyer (UC Santa Barbara)

Carolyn Caizzi (Northwestern)

Simeon Warner (Cornell)

Hannah Frost (Stanford)

Jeremy Friesen (University of Notre Dame)


Attending remotely:

Maria Whitaker  (Indiana University)



9:00-9:15Welcome and housekeepingEmily Stenberg, Brian McBride & Richard Green
9:15-9:30Vision Statement Hannah Frost and Carolyn CaizziThe Group who worked on the Vision Statement following Partner input at our last meeting will unveil their recommendation!
9:30-9:45Governance review after first yearRosalyn Metz / Carolyn CaizziThe Governance Working Group recommended an annual review of the "new" governance procedures.  Partners need to decide how to take this review forward.
9:45-9:55Steering by-laws reviewRichard GreenProposal to make a slight addition to the Steering By-laws agreed last year: Proposed changes to Bylaws for November 2019
09:55-10:55Contribution Model Working Group #2 reportRosalyn MetzReport back and discussion.  Contribution Model Recommendations

11:10-11:25Fundraising and Financial reportRichard Green

Fundraising Working Group final report: the Group's interim report has been extended by two paragraphs and an appendix to address the possibility of seeking grant funding.  The final (new) appendix, in very slightly modified form, has been added to the website and wiki as a 'community' companion to the technical White Paper.

Report on the changes resulting from the merger between DuraSpace and Lyrasis and on 2019 fundraising.

Proposals for fundraising 2020.


Report on progress towards permanent appointmentsJon Dunn

A subcommittee of the Steering Group has prepared a job description for the Community Manager role drawing on examples from a number of sources.  Partners need to decide when and how to take the process forward taking into account Samvera's financial position. 

A parallel job description for a Technical Manager has been prepared but this is less well developed - the subcommittee seeks greater clarity from our Partners, technical WGs and teams about the scope envisaged for this job; how does the incumbent's work integrate with existing groups' and where do the various levels of technical decision making sit?

11:55-12:10Review viability and usefulness of partner monthly phone callsKaren CarianiAssess the impact and value of the partner meetings.  Who attends regularly? What is accomplished by the phone calls? How can they be improved?   

13.30-13.50Roadmap Council ReportMark BusseyThe Roadmap Council is reflecting on what it’s next iteration might look like.
13:50-14:00CCMWG reportTrey Pendragon? / Mark Bussey?
14:00-14:10SIGHAR reportRob Kaufman
14:10-14:20Hyku IG report
14:20-14:30Marketing WG report

Karen Cariani

14:30-15:00Hyrax WG reportRob KaufmanTo include the WG's resourcing 'ask' for 2020.

15.30-15:40Spring Partner MeetingBrian McBride & Richard GreenStart the discussion about where and when? Can we tag it on to LDCX wherever and whenever that is taking place?
15:40-15:50Dates/timing for Virtual Connect 2020Richard Green & Brian McBrideWhen? Format?
15:50-16:00Might Connect have a 'proper' keynote in 2020?Brian McBride & Richard GreenSubject to a review of how this year's keynote works (won't have taken place, yet) do we think this is a move in the right direction?
16:00-16:15What are the assumptions behind programming Samvera Connects (virtual and f2f)? Inclusiveness or selective? Richard Green & Brian McBride...and if we need to be selective, on what basis?
16:15-16:25How do we increase numbers at Connect?Brian McBride & Richard GreenAttendance at Connect is in a downward trend.  Understandable, because people and institutions are generally more experienced with Samvera and don't send so many people to 'on-board'.  But smaller conferences will mean higher registration fees etc...
16:25-16:30Dates for Connect 2020 (Local Host UCSB)
16:30-17:00Parking lot

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