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Time:12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT





Draft CfP for Phase 4 of the Working Group

  • Component Maintenance Working Group (Phase 4)
  • This is mostly going to just be copying the Scope & Objectives from Phase 3
    • We will look for feedback from Steering on this
  • We should keep "Phase", as this remains a Working Group, and Working Groups are required to have a sunset date
  • Should this phase be one year or six months?
    • Draft it as one year, and see about feedback
  • Re-evaluating the Core Components and reporting during Spring Partner meetings is redundant
  • Explicitly clarify that feature requests were out of scope
  • Explicitly state that bugs in core components must be addressed by the WG during the next phase (providing the ClamAV bug as a better example)
  • James will fix the links for the notes in order to ensure that those for Phase 3 are on a separate child page

Action Items

  • Partner Discussion needs to take place
  • Trey will be working with Anna Headley and Eliot Jordan to generate the report on the component GitHub repositories 

Hydra Editor

James needed to leave for a conflicting meeting at 15:30 EDT

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