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Time:12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT





Reviewing the Health Report

  • Quantifying contributions to the WG should highlight that the amount of contribution is pretty sparse
    • The estimate in the report is pretty generous
    • Tom: Keeping it is a fine resolution (if nobody else objects to it being 3 FTE)
  • Promoted fewer Gems than we deprecated
  • Compatibility Reports
    • Formatting?
    • Placing the tables on their own pages
    • We should add Rails 6 support as a Dev Congress topic
    • Supporting Rails releases for certain components might be blocked upstream by Blacklight
      • Why does ldp test against Rails?
    • If this is an unacceptable state, then we need to be tracking the Rails release 4-5 months ahead of each stable release
    • Hyrax is hopefully weeks away from a Rails 5.2 compliant release
  • Release Report
    • There is now unreleased code
    • Components without new releases typically don't require anything additional
  • Security
    • GitHub offers a policy tab
    • This should be configured
    • Alerting WG to security issues
      • We should encourage community members to contact us
    • Policy
      • Samvera as a whole has a policy for security issues
      • Wiki: Report a security vulnerability
        • E-Mail Samvera Steering
        • There is also a longer document...there is communication earlier first
        • Then, there is a delay before the public is made aware of this
        • There is also: Known security vulnerabilities
          • This should be public, and we should only publish these after they have been fixed
      • This WG should ensure that security vulnerabilities should be reported directly to Steering and coordinated
      • We will communicate with Steering and assure them that we will notify them
        • This might be an item for the next phase of this WG
  • Do we need any additional sections for the report?
    • All concur, this is finalized

Working Group Deliverables

  • We should clarify that item 6 should include generating the report using the tool Ben made
    • We still need to run the component assessment tool
  • We also need to discuss our renewal process
    • We are running the WG until a few weeks following Samvera Connect 2019
    • We either generate a CfP for the next phase prior to Samvera Connect
      • We need to identify a new chair
    • Or, after Samvera Connect, we issue the CfP
      • Here, the CfP will be extended past the life of the phase
    • Do we generate the CfP for the next phase prior to Samvera Connect
      • Tom: We should have a CfP in draft
      • Trey and Tom cannot commit to chairing the next round of this group
    • Trey:
      • Prior to Samvera Connect, identify a chair
      • If we are unable to find one from Connect, dissolve the group
      • Having the CfP drafted prior to Connect has limitations
        • We need feedback captured during Connect in order to determine the deliverables for the WG
        • We should still draft this prior to Connect
        • Send it out after Connect
        • Make it last for three weeks, and make this WG last for that period
    • Tom:
      • There is an outstanding question regarding the goals for the next phase
      • Do we maintain these charts and ensure that they are all green?
      • Or, do we address feature-related work?
        • We can only determine this by gauging the discussion at Connect
    • Trey:
      • We are reporting to Partners on Monday
      • We can share that information during that report

Next Week

  • Draft a CfP
  • Homework: Consider who would like to serve as a Chair

Meeting adjourned at 12:29 PDT/15:29 EDT

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