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Time:12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT





  • hydra-head issues were resolved (this was outlined above)
  • Support for Rails 6.0.0
    • James will create the core component issues to drop 5.1.x on a per-project basis and look to support 6.0.0 releases
    • Tom: 5.2.x support for Hyrax might not be as strongly recommended as it needs to be at this point
      • Contributors might not have time to get in 6.0.0 support
      • Mark: Tried 5.2.x recently with Bess Sadler, and ended up falling back to 5.1.x in preparation for a Samvera Camp
      • Tom: Can explore addressing this with the Hyrax WG
      • Mark: More information forthcoming next week regarding the status of this for upcoming Samvera Camps
  • iiif_manifest Promotion
    • All criteria for promotion have been fulfilled for this core component 
    • Mark and Adam Wead (the new product owner) will collaborate to issue an official message to the community announcing this
    • For future promotions, we should try and have the Product Owner more directly involved in this process
  • Roadmap Council to the Connect Program Committee
    • There will be a small panel at Samvera Connect and this WG will be expected to provide updates for Samvera Partners
    • Expect that this WG will be requested to provide an outline (presentation materials) for future phases of this WG
    • We should draft something in preparation for this
  • CircleCI should be specified in the community documentation to be the preferred continuous integration platform to Travis CI

Meeting concluded at 12:17PDT/15:17 EDT

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