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Time:12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT





Call for Issues + Communicate with Product Owners

Next week, the call will be issued by Trey

Request for the solrizer Product Owner

There is still no response for the Solr Product Owner

We did open a number of issues addressing what we need to address

WG will also need to address updating the documentation for the Wiki and the site for the Samvera Community

Next Steps: Update the documentation for the deprecation, and can send out the e-mail to the community declaring that the Gem is officially deprecated

Latest Ruby/Rails Release Testing

James needs to address these PRs, they are still breaking on CircleCI

Also, for the future, one needs to link the PRs to the GitHub Project Board

Review Column

There was nothing to review, as this was empty

Next Scheduled Sprint begins on July 29th

We will likely just continue to keep checking the Review Column until this begins

Meeting adjourned at 12:08 PDT/15:08 EDT

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