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  • 2019-04-30 - 2pm ET - Meeting notes
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  • Catch up on any / all things UX and/or UI related in the Samvera Community spring 2019.

Discussion items

10-15minSarah Imholt updates on Hyrax UI issue grooming projectSarah Imholt Sarah will give an overview of a Hyrax Github initiative she's spearheading, which aims to refine and add further context to a pool of existing UI-related Hyrax issues and bugs.   
10minLDCX UI/UX highlightsAdam Arling

Brief overview of some UI/UX-related conversations at 2019's LDCX unconference at Stanford Libraries in March 2019. 

  • Fair amount of interest in UI related matters. 
  • Customization needs/wants... local branding for project managers.
  • Independent UI components/libraries...what would this look like?
    • Stick with Bootstrap, another UI framework, custom?  How tightly bound?
  • Blacklight UI
  • React/Vue trending?

10minPrinceton's LUX design systemShaun EllisShaun will give an overview on Princeton's LUX design system, its background, why it was created and what purpose it serves.  He'll also share a case study of how it'll be implemented in a new Rails application.
5minSamvera Connect 2019 ideas?Adam Arling / Nik DragovicWith an eye towards the fall 2019, are there any UX-related activities the group is engaged with which would be worth mentioning, or aiming for at Samvera Connect 2019?
5minWrap up...

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