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Time:12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT





Sprint Scheduling

  • Noah is not available for full-time commitment to the sprints
  • First 3 weeks before Summer, Mark and Bess would contribute at the capacity of one FTE (50-75% each)
  • From July onwards, they will be at higher capacity
  • Earliest date would be May 6th
  • Otherwise, it would be July
  • (All agree with this)
  • Trey: Proposes that the week of May 6th is the first
  • Tom won't be available, DCE will be at limited capacity
  • Week July 29th would be the second week-long sprint
  • Any sprints following these, regroup after May 6th
  • Noah: Hoping for any issues which consume significant time might be delegated to themselves
  • Would prefer that all participating be attentive to these situations

Assess the Migrated GitHub Project

  • Waffle sent Trey an e-mail requesting a seconding attempt at the migration
  • Noah: Exploring alternatives to
  • Bess: Finds ZenHub to have some appeal
  • Can have an unlimited number of projects on the same board
  • Trey: Princeton also evaluated this, but found to be the preferred platform
  • It automatically links Pull Requests to issues, and offers label synchronization
  • ZenHub is free, whereas Zube does not offer a free tier of service
  • HubBoard should also be explored
  • GitHub Projects don't seem to support the linking of issues between Projects
  • ZenHub has good bulk management tools for manually addressing the Waffle migration

Sprint Planning

The upcoming sprints need to address the following:

  1. Propose deprecation of om
  2. Centralize on the version of Ruby and Rails versions which we test
  3. Centralize on using CircleCI for continuous integration

  • Chris Colvard has added CircleCI to a number of projects in order to support Rails 5.2 across components
  • With this has come the CircleCI Orb:
  • Samvera is on a trial for CircleCI's new pricing structure
  • This is hourly (as opposed to the number of boxes/containers used during the testing)
  • We have 200 boxes and they track the amount of time which we use
  • If the pricing is acceptable after this trial, the enhanced performance might remain the standard
  • Otherwise, we might need to revisit how best to restructure build matrices (in order to avoid queuing delays)

Proposals for Other Work

  • Bess: active-fedora
    • This is blocked by hydra-head (and a few other dependencies)
    • The value added is that the generators between Hyrax and Blacklight create different configuration directories for Solr
    • We need to ensure that the directory structure does not conflict with the Blacklight-generated config. directories internally

( migrated to GitHub Projects successfully)

  • It appears that GitHub Organizations can, themselves, have Projects
  • There are issues from multiple repositories on the Organization Project
  • There are usability difficulties when searching through the issues for the Project
  • We still would need to manually add the issue cards for the board
  • samvera/hydra-derivatives cannot link to the samvera-labs Project
  • We could create samvera/maintenance as an Organizational Project

  • Zube: One cannot add repositories from Organizations users don't own

Sprint Planning

  • We are still not fixing bugs, and are just focusing upon maintenance issues
  • hydra-head Issues
    • Use `solr/conf` rather than `solr/config` when ActiveFedora changes
    • Might be best to fix ActiveFedora before addressing this in hydra-head
  • Integrating CircleCI for Core Components
    • noid-rails
    • hydra-pcdm (this already has an outstanding PR)
    • The list of components will be completed after this meeting has been concluded
  • Consider test coverage tickets for another sprint
  • Ensure that desired Ruby/Rails versions are used in testing

Hydra Gem Mailing List Thread (samvera-tech)

  • Adopters should be encouraged to avoid using the hydra Gem
  • The Gem was deprecated, but it is clear that others can maintain a deprecated Gem
  • Mark will respond to the thread

Meeting was adjourned at 12:38PDT/15:38 EDT

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