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Meeting Details

  • March 6, 2019 at 9:00 AM ET
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Next meeting Mar 20th, 9:00 AM ET


  • Find alignment on the plan leading up to Open Repositories 2019 in Hamburg


Alignment / Decisions from last meeting

  1. We need a plan with actions, goals and associated target dates, aimed at marketing for DSpace 7
    1. Popular use cases, and how DSpace 7 improves on them, are powerful in marketing
    2. Facts that the SG endorses, are powerful in marketing
  2. We need a more general approach for DSpace Marketing on the longer term. The group did not reach agreement on whether this can be open ended, or whether this can have a finite timeline

Discussion items



Introducing new working group member Heather Greer KleinHeather Greer Klein
  • Heather is joining in a part time and temporary capacity.
  • Heather has 94 hours of her time allocated (roughly 8 hours for a few months)for helping move the DSpace 7 release forward, including taking part in this meeting as well as DS7 working group
Review Action Items from 2-20 Meting (below)Carol Minton Morris
  • Bram update: campaigns for users of the APIs, translators/translation infrastructure, testers. These are email driven campaigns with phone followups. Bram could start this but would not be involved in the other goals.
  • Carol: ambitious and useful to get started on this
  • Jose: Can help contribute to aspects of this, including translation and integration with OAI-PMH.
  • Bram: it would be helpful if you can be the tester for the email messaging, and provide feedback
  • Mic: first call this Friday and meetings next week, will know more next meeting.
  • Will involve national user groups
  • Susanna: relevant to involve the Chinese user group? Mic: will be speaking with them soon, could translate DSpace 7 marketing materials
  • David: working on comparison, will share draft and see what other technologies should be included.
  • Carol: did research with Pascal and Susanna into DSpace t-shirts and other swag. At least $2k for 180 t-shirts (based on Fedora comparison); they did not have to ship them. Likely could not ship them, need to find a printer in Germany and will likely be more expensive. Not clear we want to spend our budget on this.
  • Susanna: Pascal was able to find cheaper German options, he can share that information. Postcards are an idea of Pascal's from his university: series of postcards Technische Universität Berlin did some time ago. In this series they show out the price for 1 year subscription of academical journals with funny things to raise the awareness of the costs and the benefits of Open Access: - Compared to the energy costs of 10 households for singles: - Compared to 2000 liter of beer:
  • We could print some number of different versions, convey different messages about DSpace
  • Bram: was challenging looking at T-shirts for Atmire. Incorporated into OR registration form to know what sizes and how many to include. Carol: tend to do a sampling of sizes. Susanna: would be useful to use a different color for committers, others who can help those interested in adopting. Would need to identify those people and their sizes, who will be there.
  • Heather has seen this done effectively with large pins ("Ask me about DSpace 7" "Ask what thrills me about DSpace 7")

Lead DSpace 7 marketing timeline overview discussion leading up to OR 2019

  • Timeline lays out proposed schedule through May 16th
  • Please feel free to go in and edit in the timeline and make suggestions
  • Bram: a list of who we might approach as early adopters would be useful. Don't need that many, even just five would be all we need for promotion
  • Carol: do we know who that will be? Do we have prospective early adopters?
    • Susanna knows a university that will upgrade
    • Jose's organization will definitely upgrade, likely beginning of 2020 – strong statement to say 27 repositories in Portugal will be upgrading
    • Bram: Texas A&M might be an adopter? Who could we contact? David knows people there
  • Carol: any greenfield implementations we expect for DSpace 7? Any we are ware of?
  • Susanna: it will take some time for a stable version, likely upgraders will keep their old versions in place and try DSpace 7 and make a plan for upgrade. Would be difficult to have an early adopter to show.
  • Jose: before we have an MVP in production it will be harder to have use cases this year. Entities likely will take longer to implement

DSpace 7 Configurable Entities item type: quick overview and discussion of best name for this feature

  • Name that is meaningful to existing DSpace admins (i.e. this is an item type, not an entirely new concept)
  • Name that is easy to understand for prospective users
Heather Greer Klein

  • Bram: when we introduced configurable workflow we created really valuable workflows but it was invisible work. I learned from that to make it very, very concrete with examples. People will think it is just complexity. Need to show what the features can do. Care less about the name than the use cases and explanation
  • Susanna: very much agree. DSpace-CRIS and DSpace GLAM make it clear what the use case is and who the target is.
  • Mic: hearing that there is not much interest in promoting the feature as much as the use case. So talk not about the name but talk about the functionality and future examples. And link it to the concept of configurable entities, but in marketing just talk about the feature
  • Susanna: still need a name
  • Bram: would like to see a really excellent example of this that is very visible in the preview release or it will be hard to convey that this is an amazing feature.
  • Mic: don't think we need to change the name but we should not market the name
  • Susanna: entities has a historical reason for being used, idea of having a name that is not confusing.
  • Susanna proposes context items. These build context around the digital objects that are the main purpose of the repository.

Action items



Review Pascal’s comment at Atmire's doc—identify what we want to advertise


Get more community members involved in completing DSpace 7 tasks/testing, outreachBram Luyten (Atmire)
Translation of documentation, marketing messages in different languages, identify people who can translate, outreach
Draft tabular comparison of DSpace with other technologies - campaign for Goal 4, but also contributes to other goals.David Corbly
Marketing Working Group additional documentation–Most important decisions we made; goals we agree onPascal-Nicolas Becker

OR2019 merchandising research

  • Costs for t-shirts
  • Other SWAG
Carol Minton Morris
Work/post more in Outreach Slack channelAll
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