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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and slack chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:


  1. Andrew Woods
  2.  Ben Pennell (star)
  3. Aaron Birkland
  4. Jared Whiklo  
  5. Peter Eichman


  1. Announcements

    1. Released:  OCFL Alpha 0.2 
    2. 5.0.2 Release
  2. Community contribution:
  3. Upcoming 2019-02 Fedora Design Meeting
    1. Use Cases
    2. Topics
    3. OCFL considerations
  4. Status of fcrepo-camel-toolbox updates

    1. FCREPO-2787 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  5. Import / Export updates

    1. FCREPO-2459 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  6. Revisit Next Generation Repositories: Fedora's position on COAR Priorities  
  7. In-Review tickets:

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    T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  8. Please squash a bug!

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    Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

  9. Tickets resolved this week:

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    Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

  10. Tickets created this week:

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    Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution


  1. Announcements
    1. OCFL released, minor updates, beta not likely to change much
      1. Peter: Discrepancy between terminology section OCFL object and in section 3, it seems to imply in not-normative text that the id be a URI, then later it is a "should" be a URI. Should either not say that it is a URI, or make it a MUST in the normative section about inventories. Will raise in the OCFL channel
    2. 5.0.2 release went well.
  2. Travis svg PR
    1. Going ahead and merging, difference isn't too obvious
  3. Upcoming design meeting
    1. Old and new use cases distilled into short list of high level use cases
    2. What is Dynamic scalability? Avoid performance loss from scale. Are we intending to include clustering/sharding concepts
    3. John Hopkins will be adding a bunch of use cases soon.
      1. Includes object validation use cases, such as verifying resource requirements and that datastreams are present
    4. Andrew: How can we facilitate fedora caring about the shape of the objects?
    5. Peter: could view this like an ACL situation, link headers to identify constraints doc for container and children, have a service which goes through and validates resources against this.
      1. Could be an on-request service, or on update (but would be challenging since it may take multiple requests to reach a valid state)
      2. John Hopkins would be okay with on-request
    6. OCFL, think about how to structure OCFL if every resource mapped to an OCFL object.
  4. Status of fcrepo-camel-toolbox updates
    1. Has there been any intent to move away from OSGI into standalone jar file? There had been previous discussion, hadn't come up recently.
      1. Ben has been using it in a webapp in a jetty container - will check to see if anything relevant from this approach
      2. Would be helpful to have a version that is a standalone jar, and a wrapper on for it to put in OSGI
      3. Jared going to continue looking at this.
  5. Import/export
    1. Andrew has been using set from a sprint a while back
      1. Imported with fcrepo restore, put 16000 resources in. Then exported it, then ran verifier over this set.
      2. Blew away repo, put repo in relaxed mode, did the import which worked, then ran the verifier which failed, some missing rdf:types
      3. ArgParser class line:546 in master has an curly bracket issue in formatter
      4. PR has a lot of commits, andrew doesn't appear to be able do a local squash.
        1. It is a difficult PR review, intent is to do some more testing then get it merged in
        2. Redirect to a 4.x maintenance branch, Andrew is going to create that branch.
        3. Pull out some improvements that are applicable to 5.x
      5. Ben might try fcrepo backup on hyrax repo, see if its possible to share
  6. Revisit Next Generation Repositories
    1. Important that we, in the Fedora community, be involved in next generation repos conversation
    2. Identify which aspects are appropriate or not for Fedora
    3. People are encouraged to give it a read, provide feedback
  7. Fcrepo-1889
    1. Peter will take a look at this, run tests, get an idea of where we stand on this issue.


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