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TitleObject validation
Primary ActorPreservation Archivist
ScopeSystem (black-box)
LevelUser Goal
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

Provide the capability to validate an object (resource) on demand, including:

  • Check the fixity of all (designated) files in the object (and possibly its children). For example, suppose I have digitized a book and I have a master TIFF file for each page. The master TIFF files are all located in one directory. I may have elected to also generate page objects, as well as derivative files for each page object, but I'm primarily concerned with the TIFF masters. I'd like to check the fixity of all masters - but only the masters - for the whole book, with one request.
  • Other checks could be added, such as structural integrity and referential integrity.
  • Report on and store the status of the object validation check. If there are failures, report on and store detail about the failures.