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Date & Location

 at 16:00 UTC (11:00am EST)


Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:  (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040)

Additional connection info available on DSpace Meeting Room page.


Actual attendee list will be updated after meeting.



15minsQuick reminder of DSpace 7 release schedule/goals

Just a reminder of our goals:

  • Late January / Early February: 7.0 "Preview" release (not feature complete, but should include an early version of Configurable Entities) Preview release will be rescheduled.
  • By late April: 7.0 "Beta" release (first feature complete release)
  • By late May (prior to OR2019): 7.0 "Final" release

All dates are goals/estimates. For later dates to make sense, we need to meet the first goal.


Preview Release Planning for Entities (Configurable Object Models)

What is left to do prior to getting a PR to `master` branch created?

310minsMockups of Submission UI for Entities

Discussion of HTML mockups of Entities Submission UI by Paulo Graça

420minsFeedback/updates on the Entities Pull Requests

Code Review Goal (by Jan 29 at the latest)

Angular UI Entities PRs

  1. Add Virtual Metadata Fields for Journals: (Paulo Graça )
  2. Mixing Entities and Plain Text values: (Paulo Graça )

REST API Entities PRs:

  1. Retrieving relations per relationship type: (Alexander Sulfrian )
  2. Discovery config relations: (Mark H. Wood )
  3. Mixing Entities and Plain Text values: (Alexander Sulfrian )
    1. NOTE: Based on work in PR#2332
  4. Relationship CRUD: (Tim Donohue )
  5. REST Contract: (Tim Donohue )

(Delayed until post-Preview Release) Replace term "Entity" (DS-4082)

Volunteer Reviewers (additional reviewers are encouraged/welcome!)

45minsWrap-up and Next Meeting Reminder

Any topics of concentration for our next meeting?

  • Next Meeting: Tues, February 5 at 16:00 UTC


All meetings will be recorded. Recordings and brief/summary notes will appear here after the meeting

  • Preview Release Planning
    • We talked through the remaining tasks, and enhanced / improved the list in the agenda above (including adding links to in progress Google Docs consolidation & sample data)
  • PR Reviews
    • This is the final list of PRs to be reviewed/merged before Preview Release
    • We walked through status on each PR and assigned to a reviewer.  Please complete reviews by Tues, Jan 29
    • Reviewers are listed in agenda above
    • More than one reviewer is welcome (and encouraged) on each PR. So anyone having additional time, please add your reviews to PRs listed above
  • Walkthrough of Paulo's Submission UI mockups
    • All agree the general approach is good
    • There are places we could likely improve the usability.
    • Need to think more about how to intermix textual authors & author items (entities) within the same submission UI
    • When creating an author item, may want to allow users to enter additional basic information about the author (e.g. institution, title)
  • Next meeting will be Tues, Feb 5
    • Agenda will be to go through our checklist again
    • Hopefully all PRs will be either merged or ready to be merged

Action Items

Any assigned actions will appear here, along with details of who they are assigned to.

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