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Date & Location

 at 16:00 UTC (11:00am EST)


Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:  (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040)

Additional connection information at: DSpace Meeting Room


Actual attendee list will be updated after meeting.


15minsQuick reminder of DSpace 7 release schedule/goals

Just a reminder of our goals. We'd want to see an Entities PR to "master" by late Dec / early January to stay on target.

  • Late January / Early February: 7.0 "Preview" release (not feature complete, but should include an early version of Configurable Entities)
  • By late April: 7.0 "Beta" release (first feature complete release)
  • By late May (prior to OR2019): 7.0 "Final" release

All dates are goals/estimates. For later dates to make sense, we need to meet the first goal.

230minsFeedback/updates on the Entities Pull Requests

Feedback on the Angular UI PR? Is this ready to merge?

Follow-up Entities PRs for additional REST API functionality / improvements:

  1. Entities CSV Import:
  2. Entities Virtual Metadata Update:
  3. Relationships should link to Items in REST API (DS-4084):
  4. Replace term "Entity" (DS-4082):
  5. Retrieving relations per relationship type:

Volunteer Reviewers (additional reviewers are encouraged/welcome!)


Planning Entities (Configurable Item Types) for Preview Release

Keeping PRs / effort moving along over next few weeks.

What's coming next?
Who is available to do reviews or re-reviews (based on upcoming work schedules)?
How do we feel about the Preview release schedule with regards to our progress on Entities?

45minsWrap-up and Next Meeting Reminder

Any topics of concentration for our next meeting?

  • Next Meeting: Tues, January 8? or 15? at 16:00 UTC
    • Note: Tim is out of the office from Dec 20 to Jan 2, returning on Jan 3.
    • DCAT has a meeting on Jan 8 in the DSpace Meeting Room. we'd need to use a different room if we meet on that date.


All meetings will be recorded. Recordings and brief/summary notes will appear here after the meeting

  • Schedule reminder (see first topic above).

    • DSpace 7 team discussed that we'd need to have all code ready by two weeks prior to "Preview" release.
    • So, assuming Preview release is end of January (Jan 31), that'd mean all code (including our Entities) work needs to be ready by Jan 17
  • We should start drafting REST Contract for Entities efforts

  • PR reviews/updates
  • Upcoming weeks / work
    • Tim is out Dec 20 - Jan 2
    • Everyone else out next week as well
  • Planning for Preview Release.  Main TODOs (from Atmire)
    • Display of Relations - deciding when to display a search vs pageable list vs comma-separated list.
      • Maybe we can simplify this for Preview release and just always display a pageable list??
    • Mixing plain text metadata values & Entities in one display.  For example, a list of authors that includes plain text & entities
      • HIGHEST PRIORITY of these TODOs listed
    • Ability to Manage relationships from the Admin UI and/or Submission UI
      • Dependent on Submission code being merged (scheduled for early Jan), and Admin UI (scheduled for Jan 10)
      • Unlikely to be ready for Preview release
  • Add a planning section for Entities work to our DSpace 7 Planning Spreadsheet (TODO for Tim Donohue)
  • When will this working group merge with DSpace 7 WG?
    • At the earliest, once the Entities work is in the master branch(es) of DSpace 7 codebase.
    • However, if we find it's useful to continue with two meetings (to allow more concentrated discussion on Entities needs), we may decide to continue with two Working Groups.  But, the two groups will need to be in closer communication.
  • Marketing of DSpace 7 Entities
    • Bring question to DSpace Steering Group.  Has marketing group been established? How can/should we help with Entities marketing in time for DSpace 7 Preview release.
  • Next Meeting
    • Our next meeting with be Tues, January 8 at 16UTC  (We will be in a different meeting room, as DCAT is using the DSpace Meeting Room at that time)
      • Topics include:  Updates on open PRs.  Updates on DSpace 7 Entities Marketing (how to help with marketing for Preview release).  Planning for Preview release.
      • Future topics: touch back on discussions from Atmire writeups on Author Profile use case and Journal Hierarchy use case.  Some unanswered questions remain that we tabled for post-Preview release.

Action Items

Any assigned actions will appear here, along with details of who they are assigned to.

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