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Date & Location

 at 16:00 UTC (11:00am EST)


Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:  (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040)

Additional connection information at: DSpace Meeting Room


Actual attendee list will be updated after meeting.


15minsUpdates on DSpace 7 release schedule/goals

A subset of DSpace Leadership Group met on Nov 13 to discussion DSpace 7 release timelines/goals. Here's what they came up with:

  • Late January / Early February: 7.0 "Preview" release (not feature complete, but should include an early version of Configurable Entities)
  • By late April: 7.0 "Beta" release (first feature complete release)
  • By late May (prior to OR2019): 7.0 "Final" release

All dates are goals/estimates. For later dates to make sense, we need to meet the first goal.

220minsFeedback/updates on the Entities Pull Requests

Do we feel ready to merge either/both of the initial Configurable Entities PRs?

The REST API PRs already has a few +1 votes, with feedback on what follow-up PRs should be created. The Angular UI PR is still waiting on reviews/comments/testing.

Is there any more information anyone needs to help along the ongoing review & test process?

Volunteer Reviewers (additional reviewers are encouraged/welcome!)


"Author Profiles" Use Case vs Initial Implementation

(Background) Our Entities Definition & Use Cases:

Atmire has drafted a response document on where the initial Author Profiles implementation currently aligns or does not align with the "Author Profiles" use case as described:

(If you recall, in our meeting on November 6, we already discussed the corresponding document for the "Journal Hierarchy" use case)

During this meeting we will have initial discussion of this document.

  • Should these various gaps be filled prior to DSpace 7? Are there aspects of the use case that might be delayed for a future release?
45minsWrap-up and Next Meeting Reminder

Any topics of concentration for our next meeting?

  • Next Meeting: Tues, December 4 at 16:00 UTC


All meetings will be recorded. Recordings and brief/summary notes will appear here after the meeting

  • DSpace 7 new timelines/estimates: See agenda topic #1 above
  • Feedback/updates on Entities Pull Requests
    • REST API PR:
      • This PR is ready to merge (ACTION: Tim)
      • Three JIRA tickets should be created for follow-up PRs (ACTION: Tim)
        • DS-4082 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        • DS-4083 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        • DS-4084 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Angular PR:
      • Feedback from Tim so far. Discussion over a few topics ongoing (and pending changes)
      • Testing still coming from Alexander and Paulo
      • Not as much of a rush to merge, but feedback/testing welcome. Once feedback is in & changes made, we'll get this merged too
  • "Author Profiles" Use Case vs Initial Implementation
    • Brief overview by Lieven
    • Discussion around what to do regarding name variants (of authors) and dates of organizational membership
      • Initial thoughts around storing these as attributes/metadata of relationships
      • However, ideally, most metadata of this type would be managed via hierarchical metadata (which could be a concentration for DSpace 8, but not included in initial DSpace 7 implementation)
      • NEXT MEETING: Reanalyze this and look at which of these use cases should wait for hierarchical metadata (DSpace 8) and which (if any) can be implemented in DSpace 7. 

Action Items

Any assigned actions will appear here, along with details of who they are assigned to.

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