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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and slack chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:


  1. Danny Bernstein
  2. Peter Eichman 
  3. Bethany Seeger (out)
  4.  Jared Whiklo  (out)
  5. Andrew Woods  (out)
  6. Ben Pennell (star)
  7. Aaron Birkland (out)  
  8. Mohamed Mohideen Abdul Rasheed (out)
  9. David Wilcox
  10. James Silas Creel  


  1. Announcements

  2. Sprint 2
    1. Open questions
      1. Authn and Authz in CTS update.
    2. Remaining work

      1. Tickets

      2. CTS

      3. Documentation

      4. Testing

    3. Release Candidate
  3. <your agenda item here>

  4. Please squash a bug!

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  5. Tickets resolved this week:

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  6. Tickets created this week:

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  • David was at Samvera connect last week, did workshop with 5.0 version from a few weeks ago
    • went through new memento API
    • increasing interest in OCFL
  • Fedora camp in Berlin in the next few months
    • 8 new Fedora memberships, primarily around Europe.
  • David will be giving Semantic web workshop soon, including info about CLAW
    • There is interest in decentralized web in academic contexts, although it is focused more specifically on libraries
    • Well attended by VEVO people
  • jcreel mentions Texas A&M Walking Fedora 4 into spotlight using IIIF
    • They are using api-x extensions from amherst, so they may be able to test with fcrepo5 in the not too distant future
      • Generate PCDM from their graph
    • Wondering about the best approach doing releases/versioning of API-X extensions
      • May make sense to put some into fcrepo-extensions repo
      • Having a registry of API-X solutions would be helpful too.

Road to Release

  • Authn/Authz work for CTS to allow for pluggable authentication, with default authentication
    • Aaron Coburn suggested that requiring users to write an authenticator in java was a high bar
      • Will add option for specifying header for admin and permissionless users.
    • Added "root-controller-user-webid" and "permissionless-user-webid", plus passwords
      • if provided without a provided authenticator, get basic auth
      • have to add user agent base URI in front of the usernames
  • Documentation of server managed triples: What are the Server Managed Triples
  • Older ticket related to using direct/indirect containers to add triples regardless of ACLS
  • A number of CTS tickets/issues remaining
  • Documentation is fairly close to complete, may be sufficient for the release candidate
  • Should we do a full set of testing prior to release or after?
    • we don't have the vagrant project updated yet, so we wouldn't be able to run some components of the release testing yet
    • So testing would involve downloading and testing, and possibly with the one click
  • Early November, Peter will be looking at their camel infrastructure and how they will run camel toolbox with 5.0
    • Will involve putting 5.0 into their local web application
  • May not be until post release (January) before some of the environment tools start getting updated, such as camel toolbox, import-export, etc.
  • Attempt to make decision about release candidate next week.
  • Jetty 9.4 would help us be able to use the official maven-jetty-console release rather than our fork in fcrepo4-labs
    • maven-jetty-console released an update from our PR, so they are on a sufficiently up to date to deal with Java 9 files
    • check in to see if anyone has time to work on it.
    • if not, then may move the project into fcrepo4 instead of labs
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