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Time:12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT




  • Retrospective for Sprint 2
  • Steps before Samvera Connect


Retrospective on last week's sprint

First part: How were the check-ins?  How was the planning?




Capacity, reflected in structure of group

Do not know how to increase capacity

Participation in standups varied throughout the week

Scope was looked at in various ways

Lot of variability in how the group was looking at the tickets in the sprint


Sprint went okay

Similar concerns about availability

Group's composition prevent that from being helped

Technical work was accomplished, particularly releases for Gems

The only other concern, was that it seemed like planning could have gone better

A number of issues were either unclear, or there was a secondary level of planning after running out of them mid-week

Discussion around the scope could have been improved

Second part: Thoughts on how the group as a whole is going?

If it's going well, re-charter during Samvera Connect




This was very successful in getting us the kind of low-level dependency view

Having the calls alone provides us with the ability to conceptualize how to manage maintaining the core components

Doing more outreach and having some clarity about what folks doing maintenance on solution bundles or community calls should do when they find problems

Our approach is to have them route the requests through the product owners (who dispatch us as needed)

This might not be clear to members of the community, and this practice also has not been adopted


It's good to have the discussions which we are having

These types of discussions used to happen as a part of the tech. call

Is this an evolution of the fact that there is a difference in the priority of the work now for the community?

Defining the scope when rechartering the WG would be the larger challenge

If we recharter the group, we have core components now...determining what type of tickets we take on will become a question

Need to propose and advertise processes

Also need to interface with Product Owners more consistently

If we need to release a Gem or update dependencies are understandable

But, should we be refactoring also? Are we the developers for these core component Gems?


Those do seem like the right questions


If we recharter will we get the same members or new people?

There isn't a huge amount of interest in joining...what does that mean about our capabilities?

Next week, discuss this point more

Discussing steps before Samvera Connect


We were going to sign up for a Lightning Talk

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