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Email groupsld4pcohort Google group (mailing list for cohort project leads, administrators, anyone at cohort institutions who needs to be informed about administrative topics like cohort in-person meetings, subgrant administration, etc.)

contact Michelle Futornick to request to join (owners and managers of ld4pcohort Google group can add new members)

PCCTG1 listserv (mailing list maintained by PCC specifically for catalogers working in Sinopia, where catalogers can share tips, post questions, and offer answers.

Send email to PCCTG1-request@LISTSERV.LOC.GOV and include the words “Subscribe PCCTG1” in the subject line. Or visit the listserv page on LC’s listserv site (You will need to create an account there if you don’t have one if you want to subscribe via the listserv site, view the list archives, or manage your preferences.)

contact Michelle Futornick to request editable Roster link, then add your own Roster information

Slack public workspace

join public LD4 Slack workspace (address of the workspace is, but use the invite link to join)
  • anyone can join by themselves using this invite link or
  • ask someone who's already a member of the slack workspace to invite you (they can follow How to invite new people to a workspace)
  • you cannot sign up directly at, you need the above invite link, or an invite link sent to you by a current member
Slack public and private channelsChannels are topic-specific groups within a Slack workspace.
Code repo Write access

contact an LD4P github organization owner: Michelle Futornick Simeon Warner Jeremy Nelson

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