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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

Meeting Details


  • Convening efforts to reach out and deeply engage the DSpace community in the aspects of DSpace 7 development. 
  • The next meeting will be Aug 1, 2018 11:00 AM EDT in the Zoom DSpace Meeting Room Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Note: 

Discussion items



Announcements or news to shareCarol

DSpace 7 Update


• Dspace 7 sprint underway

• Promotion and marketing will be needed to support ongoing DSpace 7 development; new working group; this effort will be led through the Leadership and Steering Group; A new Leadership and Steering Group will be in place by end of July

• DSpace 7 Beta release expected by end of 2018

• Release candidate by early 2019

• Production release soon after that (again, goal is early 2019)

2017 DSpace Annual Report

Summary - 1 page

Membership - 1 page of text, plus map

  • List of institutions

  • Four line introduction includes the members welcomed in 2017 and the total number of members.

  • Map showing members

Community Profiles - 1.75 pages

  • Profiles of two members - Q&A format

  • Georgetown, NL Finland

    • Why DSpace?

    • What are the strategic priorities that DSpace helped to support?

    • How is DSpace working in production?

    • What deployment advice would you give others in the community?

  • TBD

    • What is your role with DSpace at your institution?

    • Why did you decide on DSpace?

    • What strategic organizational or institutional goals did DSpace help you meet?

Governance, Finance, and Expenditures - 3/4 pages (Michele Mennielli Carol Minton Morris)

  • Narrative

  • Accounts (financial breakdown)

    • Income:

      • Membership Revenue

      • Service Provider Revenue

    • Expenditures

      • Staff

      • Contractors

      • Marketing and Communication

      • Travel

      • Office Expenses

      • Infrastructure and Support

      • Hardware Depreciation

    • Total

Progress on Key Initiatives - 1.25 pages

  • DSpace 7

Events - 1 page, including a half-page photo

  • User group meetings

  • other

Contributions to the Annual Report - a few lines


  • Rough manuscript is out for review and revision. Thanks to everyone who has commented–July 20, deadline for feedback
    • Reviewers:
      • Steering and Leadership
        • Present to current SG before next meeting July 5
        • Final review by new SG
      • Outreach
  • Manuscript revisions completed–July 20
  • Pagination/layout/design completed for review–week one, August
  • Pagination/layout/design revisions completed–mid-August
  • Distribution–September


Due to travel and several other events/obligations Mariya and Carol had a nice chat by themselves in the Zoom room.

Review of Rough manuscript

Additional graphics, group photos or screenshots would make the page layouts more interesting. Carol to locate.

Grouping all 2017-2018 (to now) events in an appendix would be useful. Mariya to compile by 7/30

Pagination/design will take place week of July 30

Discussion: Promotion and marketing needed to support ongoing DSpace 7 development

Reach out to early career developers/students?

No infrastructure to do this, and no guarantee of training (support for professional development)

(from Tim) We need folks that understand DSpace concepts...unless we ramp up on training on DSpace development. Thus far, in Sprints & Dev Show & Tell, we've made it clear that we cannot train individuals on DSpace...and much of the learning needs to be proactive (we cannot train folks during sprints).

Perhaps make DuraSpace membership pages clearer regarding in-kind contributions

Action items



Find additional graphics for AR by 7/30Carol Minton Morris
Move all 2017-2018 events listing to appendix by 7/30
Design AR page layoutCarol Minton Morris
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  1. Carol Minton Morris the revised event list in the report is completed, let me know if further modifications are needed. Cheers, Mariya

  2. Thank you very much Mariya!