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1 Page: Design Objectives (Samvera)
Page: Joint UX Interest Group / Descriptive Metadata Call 2015-08-05 (Samvera)
Page: DLF Hypatia Proposal (Samvera)
2 Page: DLF Hypatia Proposal (Samvera)
3 Page: DLF Hypatia Proposal (Samvera)
BL Preso for OR10.pptx Page: Events, presentations and articles (Samvera)
CMWG 18 June 2018 Page: Samvera Contribution Model Working Group (Samvera)
Committers+Call+2012-02-27 Page: Committers Call 2012-03-05 (Samvera)
DONE Page: Samvera Infrastructure Working Group Call 2020-03-20 (Samvera)
Page: Samvera Infrastructure Working Group Call 2020-04-03 (Samvera)
DONE - MZ 13 Nov 2010 Page: Jira Discussion (Samvera)
Definition Lists Page: User Interface Guidelines (Samvera)
Explicit Set SDef Page: Hydra content models and disseminators (Samvera)
Explicit Set SDep Page: Hydra content models and disseminators (Samvera)
HTML Validation Page: User Interface Guidelines (Samvera)
HYDRA-632 Page: Committers Call 2011-08-15 (Samvera)
HYDRA-633 Page: Committers Call 2011-08-15 (Samvera)
HYDRA-634 Page: Committers Call 2011-08-15 (Samvera)
Hydra Access Controlls Page: HydraConnect 2014 Unconference Sessions (Samvera)
Hydra community framework Page: Hydra Community Structure & Governing Bodies (Samvera)
Hydra objects, content models (cModels) and disseminators Page: Hydra content models and disseminators (Samvera)
Lynette Page: Hydra Tech Call 2016-03-02 (Samvera)
Mission Statement Page: Hydra is (Samvera)
Notes on Hydra Heads Page: March 2013 Agenda and Notes (Samvera)
Old landing page Page: Hydra is (Samvera)
Progressive Enhancement Page: User Interface Guidelines (Samvera)
Unobtrusive Javascript Page: User Interface Guidelines (Samvera)
Utilities Page: Hydra is (Samvera)
hydra-tech Page: September 2012 Agenda and notes (Samvera)
if I missed anyone - please let me know  Page: Meeting Notes: July 28, 2016 (Samvera)
metadatawg Page: Metadata Call 2015-04-22 (Samvera)
pages, :start Page: Committers Call 2010-12-06 (Samvera)