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VIVO uses Freemarker templates to create its web pages.  These templates can be modified to alter VIVVIVO's appearance.  Most VIVO sites alter VIVO's default appearance.  VIVO has a "Site Info" capability that allows a few presentation elements to be modified from the Site Admin menu.  Modifying other elements involves creating a theme and modifying that theme.  Here we describe simple modifications that most sites want to make before they go into production.  For a detailed description of theming and templates, see Creating a custom theme


Excerpt Include
Creating a custom theme
Creating a custom theme

Modify Header with Logo

Now that you have a theme, we can modify the templates in the theme to change VIVO's look.  Let's start with the header.  VIVO begins each page with an identity block.  You can find the template in fred/templates/identity.ftl

Modify Footer

Add Your Colors