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It is with some sadness and deep gratitude for the values we share and the work we have accomplished together that I am announcing announce my departure from my post as CEO at DuraSpace to serve as the Associate University Librarian for Technology Services at Arizona State University Library, effective June 25, 2018.  

As DuraSpace CEO the organization had its strongest fiscal year ever in 2017. We have built a team of community and technology experts who will continue to successfully carry out the DuraSpace mission. When I came to DuraSpace in 2015, I was fortunate to be able to continue the work of my predecessor, Michele Kimpton, to build a robust membership program that currently enjoys a 94% retention rate. Relationships with the Samvera Project have been formalized and strengthened  strengthened and, most recently, DuraSpace entered a partnership agreement with CASRAI. The DuraSpace hosted services business has also matured providing much needed archiving and preservation services to the community as well as additional support for our open source projects through revenues from hosted services.

In partnership with the Digital Public Library of America and Stanford University Library, we lead led the successful completion of the IMLS-funded Hydra-In-A-Box grant and the continued exploration of the HykuDirect service offering. I am commited committed to expanded engagement with international user communities and the broader scholarly ecosystem. This focus has cultivated new memberships and strategic partnerships. With staff support, DuraSpace has improved relationships with service providers and others in the global scholarly ecosystem. A focus on increased and different kinds of engagement ensures that community needs are heard and met, broadening fiscal and in-kind support for shared open source software development which in turn has amplified DuraSpace’s organizational ability to serve wide and diverse stakeholder communities.