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  1. Formatting and style issues
    1. Non-normative section marking? Decision to adopt the blockquote style for non-normative portions of text and to avoid non-normative section marking except for the Introdcution (following
    2. Do we have "Introduction" sub-sections of just a block of text (perhaps non-normative) under enclosing section heading? Decision to avoid introductory section and instead have pre-amble text under the major heading. This means 6.1 Intro heading should be removed
  2. Discussion of
    1. What is it supposed to mean? The `Vary-Post` and `Vary-Put` headers are (apparently) and invention of this spec → agreement to delete section 4.4 
  3. Agreement that we need test suite and implementations before we can release 1.0, though with this cleanup we think we are "kind of done" from our perspective
  4. Adjourn in favor of work on PRs