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Announcements or news to shareCarol

Sprint with 8 developers from around the world, code fixes, underway

. First

(blog post: This is the first DSpace community sprint, all developers are new to the DSpace code base. Tim is providing information and support.

• Integration with Open Aire, University of Minho

Documentation of this DSpace 5 and 6 initiative is to come. Aim is to include functionality in DSpace 7 as well.

DSpace 7 Update

The DSpace Steering Group has been discussing whether to potentially expand the scope of DSpace 7 to include more new features such as support for storing things like Authors (to create Author Profile pages, like Bepress, etc), and some other objects that tend to be more CRIS-oriented.These ongoing discussions may mean that DSpace 7 is not *just* a new UI on existing features–what we have been focusing on for "What's in DSpace 7".

The Steering Group has another meeting scheduled to discuss further and work towards making a decision–not sure when this decision will be made. We might want to hold off on publishing "What's in DSpace 7" until this discussion completes --- we can still finalize the document, but may want to just hold it until entities work is finalized.


Full update and demo at planned for OR in early June; the DSpace 7 tech team is small team, browse and search ,completed; submission in process

Steering Group has been discussing entities working group conclusions (DSpace Entities Working Group (2017-18))—researcher SG discussiong entities, researcher profiles, groups, grants and funder info–want info–would like to move this work forward into the DSpce 7 release, need additional funding and/or developers to bulid build out the a prototype.

Segment Working on segmenting out the entities work. Statement Expect a statement from the dSpace DSpace 7 steering group prior to OR

STATEMENT FROM DSpace steering group

the Open Repositories Conference.

Entities group–build an extendable model for Entities group–extendable model, 3 entities

Discussion–2017 DSpace Annual Report

The Fedora Project Leadership Group recently published the Fedora 2017 Annual Report. A PDF of the report can be downloaded from the Fedora wiki.

Would a similar report be of interest to the DSpace community and if so could this group facilitate development of a manuscript?

Carol Minton Morris

Too late, plan the next one; define a structure; some things to report; important to have this; need to work with others–not others–this group cannot be totally responsible; define structure, metrics, info about types of DSpace instances; can do it, but not alone

Collective effort–steerers, DCAT, do not agree that , user groups, service providers–it is not too late, shoot for May in 2019 annual cycle based on 2018 structure

One Tim likes the idea, one or two people need to own this

Tim–list Tim keeps a running list of initiatives on the wiki; Strategic Planning

User groups, service providers

Revise "What's In DSpace 7" doc to emphasize/clarify "core features IN PROCESSJosé Carvalho

presented at DCAT 1.0 version can accommodate other features; ready to define next steps/include entities initiative; promote in the community in different countries; open repositories in June

Need developers and UX work

One time donation to move work along on a crowd sourced fashion

what has been accomplished and what we could do together–Open Aire is an interested partner, CRIS entitoes

Present revised "What's In DSpace 7" doc to DCAT for comments and questions to DCAT



Action items

Action items





Define a draft 2017 DSpace Annual Report structure for review and comment based on 2017 Fedora Annual Report by next meeting (May 23), emails: 

Revise "What's In DSpace 7" doc to emphasize/clarify "core features IN PROCESS ON HOLD