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  • MODS and RDF Call: 2018-04-30

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  1. Feedback Form
    1. Adjust to a 3 point Likert scale, except for the "how likely are you to use this" section. For that, an even number (4) is recommended to prompt a more decisive response. DONE
    2. Move the document structure and presentation questions to the end. DONE
    3. In the submission acknowledgement, invite people to comment directly on the document as well (include link)
      1. This has been added, but we will need to be updated with the final link to the white paper
    4. Enable form submitters to edit their responses. DONE
    5. Eben added Julie and Emily as editors to the form

  2. White paper
    1. Update wiki and white paper to include recent participants (using the email contact list) and their organizations. DONE
    2. <mods:relatedItem> Minted Object Mapping - Julie review and provide comments on complexity and examples for next meeting
      1. Review Series examples for complexity?
      2. Group unsure of nature of Julie's desire for review, Eben will check in with her, may have to address this at the next meeting
    3. Consistency of "Direct Mapping" links, capitalization, etc.
      1. Recommend using Direct Mapping <mods:titleinfo> examples for consistent text formatting through rest of white paper
      2. This is DONE
    4. Headings need to be reviewed for capitalization
      1. Eben will review
      2. DONE
    5. Links to surveys
      1. This is DONE, Eben will remove outstanding comments
    6. Spot check namespace abbreviations throughout white paper
      1. Emily has been reviewing
      2. We should encourage people to double-check this during final group review (see below)
    7. XML elements with long attribute value lists – spacing, indentation, etc.
      1. DONE
      2. Eben used style from Oxygen XML editor for this
    8. Spellcheck
      1. Eben will do this
      2. DONE
    9. Link checking
      1. Danny will do this.
      2. Reviewed; one outstanding comment about opaquenamespace URL in namespaces list

  3. Finalizing document
    1. Group review
      1. We should send out a message to everyone in the group, asking for a final check
    2. Any further review before making available for comment?
      1. Possibly a "pilot group" for initial review, such as Samvera Metadata Interest Group?

  4. Next meeting:
    1. Monday May 14, 12 PM EDT