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Group NameGroup Chair(s)Contact Person (name and email)
Repo Managers IGJullie Rudder and Nabeela Jaffer

Julie Rudder (

DSpace to Hyrax IGRyan Steans and Nabeela Jaffer

Ryan Steans (

Samvera Governance WG (now Election WG)Rosalyn Metz and Carolyn Caizzi (now Ryan Steans)
Permission Analysis and Design working groupJeremy Friesen
Samvera Newspapers IGEben English and Brian McBride
CONTENTdm Migration IGAndy Weidner

Andy Weidner (

UX Interest GroupAdam Arling and Nik Dragovic

Adam Joseph Arling (

Samvera Metadata Interest GroupRuth Tillman and Julie Hardesty
Code Stability Working GroupJennifer Lindner

Jennifer Lindner (