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  1. System downtime is required to upgrade the triple stores
  2. SPARQL queries will need to be checked for use of string datatypes. See Data types for string and language
  3. Applications directly accessing the SDB triple store will need to be upgraded to use Jena 3 libraries.
  4. With the upgrade to Jena 3.x, Java 8 is required. The Maven projects have been upgraded to state a dependency on version 8, and Maven will not run without it.
  5. If you have customizations, please see see
    1.  Preserving Customizations During Build


    1.  for processes to include your customizations in a VIVO build
    2. Additional Considerations for notes which may impact your customizations

Changes to


For VIVO 1.10, the preferred location of has changed from the <vivo_home> directory to <vivo_home>/config. VIVO will raise a warning on startup if is found in <vivo_home> or both <vivo_home> and <vivo_home>/config. Continue startup by refreshing or clicking continue. Move into the config directory to avoid the warning. Note, jenatools expects to find in <vivo_home>.

Password hashing settings

VIVO 1.10 includes security enhancements to the way passwords are stored in VIVO. Three new settings are now required in Add the following to an older version of runtime.settings (default settings shown):

Code Block
titleruntime.settings (snippet)
argon2.parallelism = 1
argon2.memory = 1024
argon2.time = 1000

For a full explanation of the new settings, see

Upgrading The Triple Stores