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  • Terrence W Brady (out of the office May 11 and May 18)
  • Bill Tantzen
  • Pascal-Nicolas Becker (probably 25% time, not available on May 7th, May 16th-18th, especially interested in Angular)
  • Pablo Prieto (Probably 10-20% time. Not available on May 5. Interested in low level tasks.)
  • Mike Marttila (probably 25% time, out of office May 18th)
  • Hrafn Malmquist (about 10-20%, not available May 17-18th - entry level programming wise) 
  • James Silas Creel (25% time, also not available May 14-18)

Sprint Coaches

Coaches should be available during both sprint weeks for help getting up to speed / answering questions / debugging issues / pair programming requests, etc.  If you are unavailable on specific days during the sprint, please note those days below.