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  • Samvera Partner Call - March 9, 2018

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Event Recording:


  1. Amend and approve this agenda

  2. Brian McBride discussion regarding "Lunch on Friday" for people attending Utah Samvera Connect
    One question is: with lunch provided Wed & Thurs; should we also provide lunch Friday, and should we price this in (to the ticket), given 
    What is the landscape there–restaurants and dining facilities?  The student union will 

  3. Samver Partner Meeting Agenda for Stanford/ March 2018  – Rosalyn Metz
    1. March 2018 Samvera Partner Meeting Agenda

  4. Samvera Partner meeting and Connect conference -  fall 2018 - follow up from last time

    1. Richard Green recap: 

      1. Partner meeting on Monday before Connect (8th October)
        1. possibility of audio dial-in
      2. Connect workshops Tuesday 9th October, conference Wednesday morning to Friday lunchtime
        1. space available on Friday afternoon and at other times during the week for small groups who want it.

        2. Still looking for additional volunteers on Program Committee - contact Andrew Rouner  (

  5. Governance Working Group (Ryan Steans, Mark Bussey) – Carolyn Caizzi (Northwestern) & Rosalyn Metz will add

    Wiki page with charter, notes from each meeting, etc.

    1. Feedback by March 7th

    2. Revised Doc by March 19th
    3. Voting on April 2 - voting mechanism

  6. Announcements, any other New or Old Business
  7. Choose moderator/notetaker for next meeting
  8. Adjourn