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Andrew Woods thinks a presentation would be good, but is it possible? Esmé Cowles is a maybe as long as he doesn't have to propose it, Simeon Warner is a no, Benjamin Armintor is a no, Andrew Woods is a no, Tom Johnson J. is a maybe. Is there a non-editor who would bring a long view of the project to the panel?

Spec Finalization

Test suite is not complete, per Andrew Woods

Danny B. and Scott P. have been chipping in. Contract is nearly up.

Simeon not able to get the suite to run yet - it's running against the community impl, but not passing. Possible problems there. Need to test the tests.

Andrew thinks test suite can be made available sooner. Need to think of ways of verifying the test suite.

Need to be tracking the implementations. Will solicit soft commitments to conformance by mid-April.

Open Issues

Action Items