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  • 2520
    • Bethany would like more feedback on what expectations are for mimetype
    • She will take another look at it to try to work through what the validation issue is
  • 2650
    • Bethany will take a look
  • 2544
    • there was a work around for that, using a different accept type. No one has strong feelings that it shouldn't be closed, so will make a note on ticket
    • Josh - as a larger strategy, this is something we will need to address
    • Paging mechanism is problematic in RDF rest api, but something we will need to deal with
    • Work around okay for now, but many members issue needs to be addressed in future implementations

6. 5.0.0 release?

  • Need to wrap up creation of mementos, one of the last main things to bring into alignment with spec
  • Pairtrees - Do we want to remove them?
    • Peter (?): In favor of removing them
    • Significant bit of internal work to hide them at fedora level, while still might need them in jcr
    • Danny: In doing away with pair trees, they would still be around internally
    • Peter: Need them, otherwise performance tanks after about 1000 children
    • Esme: Might want to look at Aaron Coburn's Appletree implementation. Takes checksum, makes path based on that. Includes hiding internal paths
    • Esme: would involve renaming everything in your repository, so it would need to take place as part of a major version change
    • Esme: Would either need migration tooling, or tooling for enabling/disabling the feature
    • Danny: how hard would a migration tool be to created?
      • Esme: Would be complex, but possible. If you have been using auto-generated UUIDS, could go through repo and remove pairtree.
    • Danny: interesting proposal, do we need community feedback?
      • Yes, more feedback would be good.
      • Esme: to write up brief description of proposal for fedora-tech
      • For discussion in new year

Action Items

Action: Check in with Andrew about completeness of the test suite

Action: Mike will put together a document with first pass at the feature set.

Action: Esme to write up brief description of proposal to remove pair trees for fedora tech