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  • GET requests to LDPRv URIs must support the 'Accept-Datetime' header
  • It must follow the syntax outlined in response must contain headers as outlined in ticket <LDPRm GET response>
  • When a 'Accept-Datetime' is provided:
    • Must respond with a 302 status code and an empty body
    • Response must contain 'Location' header containing the URI of the LDPRm or LDPRv that was negotiated
    • Must contain all other standard LDPRm GET response headers
  • When a datetime is provided, Fedora will respond with the past LDPRm chronologically nearest (min-past) to the given header as follows:


Responses to LDPRm HEAD and GET requests must include headers as outlined below. A resource is a LDPRm if it is of type

  • Add HTTP header Link: rel="timegate" to the LDPRv
  • Include 'Link: rel="timemap"' on versioned resource pointing to LDPCv
  • add 'original' link header referencing LDPRv
  • Add 'Content-Location' headerAdd 'Memento-Datetime' header

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