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UI: Angular (demo site:

Angular Subteam is facilitated by Art Lowel (Atmire)

REST API Subteam is facilitated by Andrea Bollini (4Science)

Angular UI Code

Developer Resources

REST Technology / Code

REST Contract 


  • Install DSpace 6, create some communities, collections and archive some items. As DSpace 7 is still work in progress it will be good to have some test material in place.
  • Shutdown you servlet container and undeploy all previous DSpace UIs
  • Compile the current master ( and run ant update as usual
  • Deploy the webapp dspace-spring-rest as dspace-spring-rest (if you use another path, you may want to change the index.html file withing the webapp)
  • Start your servlet container and take a look into its logfiles
    • If you have problems deploying the webapp in cause for slf4j and log4j, it may be necessary to delete [dspace]/webapps/spring-rest/WEB-INF/lib/slf4j-log4j12-1.7.22.jar
  • Test if dspace-spring-rest was loaded successfully by opening it in a browser. You can compare it to the demo linked above.
  • Install dspace-angular. You can try it as described in the OR2017 DSpace Angular Workshop or take a look into the in the dspace-angular git repository.