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  1. Any pending issues from the last two weeks?

  2. Webrecorder Integration with Fedora: 

    • Webrecorder writing WARCs, reading from Fedora (no data model, just flat list so far)

    • Using Fedora’s HTTP range request support


    • Create PCDM data model for web archives

    • Store WARCs, as well as other web archiving objects created by Webrecorder

  3. 4.7.4 release

    1. 4.7 LTS?

    2. Next release: 5.0.0

    3. Migration approaches from 4.7 to 5.0
  4. Performance lessons from PREMIS events (Ben Pennell)
  5. Volunteer for next week's tech meeting (8/24)?
  6. ...
  7. Status of "in-flight" tickets


    serverDuraSpace JIRA


4.7.4 release is out now. Fedora will be targeting a 5.0 release next that will have some breaking changes as the Fedora specification is finalized. The idea of Fedora having a long term support (LTS) version that the Fedora community would support for a period of years was discussed. This would mean that patches would continue to be applied to 4.7.x. Fedora 5 is only notional thing at this point and it will be quite some time before people migrate to it. Discussion agreed that having an LTS release is a good idea. What types of fixes can folks expect? Security fixes are definitely in, but there might be some essoteric inconsistency with the way versioning is done, or something, that Fedora developers might not want to do. The group ought to articulate what will and won't be done. Another example is the project's dependencies (Java, itself, and otherwise); should underlying versions be upgraded over time? Java, definitely. Maven dependencies might be upgraded on a case by case decision(?)