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  • Time: 11:30am Eastern Daylight Time US (UTC-4)
  • Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7035


  • Chris Awre 
  • Doug Blair
  • Ginny Boyer
  • Robert Cartolano
  • Aaron Choate
  • Sayeed Choudhury
  • Stefano Cossu
  • Tom Cramer
  • Joanna DiPasquale 
  • Jon Dunn
  • Karen Estlund
  • Declan Fleming
  • Maude Francis
  • Mike Giarlo
  • Neil Jefferies
  • Debra Kurtz
  • Susan Lafferty (star)
  • Steve Marks
  • Rosalyn Metz
  • Tom Murphy
  • Este Pope
  • Nick Ruest
  • Robin Ruggaber
  • Tim Shearer
  • Jon Stroop
  • Jennifer Vinopal
  • Evviva Weinraub
  • David Wilcox
  • Andrew Woods
  • Maurice York


Advanced Tables - Table Plus


Fedora at the VIVO ConferenceDavid
Reviewing the API SpecificationAndrew

Establishing a subgroup to articulate a vision for Fedora


Formalizing the Code of Conduct committee

  • Notes from Leadership meeting at OR.
  • Next Steps: Draft code of conduct; set up meeting

Draft proposal for Fedora corporate sponsorship


Previous Actions



Fedora at Vivo Conference:

better integrations between DuraSpace projects. So looking at integration of VIVO and Fedora. Anyone using both and who would be interested in this? Neil: Oxford (currently trialing VIVO), Robin noted UVA interested; Rob indicated Columbia is interested. Aaron interested, but can't see it taking off on campus any time soon.  Tim: not the right time. Symplectic host VIVO - registered service provider for VIVO. David and Andrew will be promoting this at VIVO conference and will be putting out a call for participation.

API Specification

Andrew - decisions are being made around the detail - stakeholder institutions may not be across the detail. When decision points are reached, they are discussed on weekly tech call and included in notes from the meetings.  Please pay attention and ensure your team check the notes for any impacts and provide input if decisions might be made that you may not want. At this point - raising awareness of the process.

Fedora Vision (subgroup)

Some interest at the June meeting - David to contact Stefano re send a message out to the list asking for participants. Evviva, Este, Neil very interested in working on this. 

Code of Conduct committee

Rosalyn volunteered to lead a new formalised committee.  Next step - Rosalyn to draft headers for a  code/charter and convene the current informal committee to work on this.

Fedora to align around DuraSpace code. Mechanics might be different for each project - what happens when a report is made. David to schedule the first meeting.

Draft proposal Corporate Sponsorship (Currently a cut and paste from VIVO)

Higher cost at each level, and different set of benefits.

Are we interested in developing this, are we comfortable with the set of benefits?

Document is open for comments.

Chris: Innovative may be interested, as they are actively marketing Vital - would such companies be interested?

Maurice: what would Sponsors' expectations be? Would they want Fedora to go in a particular direction? Would sponsor drop out if we didn't go in their direction?

David: speak to Mike Conlon on how the relationship works with corporate sponsors. Most benefits are around sponsoring webinars, distribution of marketing materials at conferences.

Joanna: collaborate project - would we partner with a sponsor to get part of the road map done? Need to be careful they don't have too much influence in pushing developments the community might not want to pursue. 

Do we see them contributing developer hours and code development? Would be good if in line with what the community wants.

Round Table

Este: Amherst - in the process of installing Islandora CLAW. Taking RDF - changing approach to metadata - can they go totally to RDF and not using MODs, XML.

Joanna: Vasser - waiting on a new developer. Working on better expression for scrapbook.

Aaron: Uni of Texas: in the middle of implementation of DAMS project - and then migrating to CLAW. Encouraging team into getting  the project done 

Andrew: Would there be value in Aaron and Este collaborating on their CLAW efforts? Maybe September  or later, for discussion.

Maude: UNSW Sydney - still on 3.7, waiting on Symplectic Elements to develop repository tools before migrating to Fedora 4.

Neil: Symplectic looking at possibly using SWORD. Neil working with Cottage Labs for developing a new version of SWORD, starting September for about 9 months. 

Tim: UNC - seeing light at end of tunnel to be able to upgrade from Fedora 3. Looking at campus reporting system. will bifurcate - special  collections and repository.

Robin: UVA - how to get people to clean up old projects that are preventing migration from earlier versions so they can move all to Fedora 4. Finishing off new Samvera offerings. Discussing research workflow to help researchers guide their content into Fedora.

Rosalyn, Emery - building hierarchy ETD - migrating some content into Fedora 4 to understand content models, then some time in Fall semester, migrate remaining ETD content. Going live with Hyrax: August 24th. 

Rob:  just now working on upgrade to Fedora 4 (data cleanup, data migration now done). Deploy Hyrax over Fedora in test environment in Fall semester.

Chris: UK has Repository Fringe conference this week -running Fedora user group.

Maurice: Never implemented F3, have a production instance of Fedora 4 (since September) - nearly completed migration to Hyrax over Fedora 4. planning to migrate a number of large repositories (Dspace, homegrown)  to Fedora4. 


David to contact Stefano re send a message out to the list asking for participants.

Rosalyn to convene the informal CofC Group.

Susan to send Rosalyn the list of people on the informal group and email thread.

David to schedule the first meeting.

ALL - comment on the Corporate Sponsorship proposal.