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Contractor (with contact details)InstitutionWork done and any other notes

Data Curation Experts

Minneapolis-based; contact Mark Bussey:

March-December 2011 - design and implementation of Hydra@Hull (using Hydra 3 at the time), coupled with training of local staff for ongoing maintenance and development, which enabled subsequent move to Hydra 6 and other developments -

Summer 2014 - design and implementation of Blacklight index for combination of three archives catalogues at Hull History Centre -

2017-present - Hosting an ETD deposit and approval system based on Hyrax.

2018 - Offering Tenejo as a fixed-cost hosted Samvera Repository solution. -

Cottage Labs

UK based; contact Anusha Ranganathan ( or Richard Jones (

See also:

University of Hull


Stanford University

University of Oxford

Summer 2016 - Implementation of an automated workflow to package and deposit research data from cloud-hosted storage (Box) through Archivematica and into Hydra@Hull.

March 2017 - June 2019 - Providing an instance of Hydra, with GeoBlacklight and IIIF support to the University of Jisc Research Data Management Framework. Over the course of the contract we will be carrying out various enhancements to the platform, with a view to feeding back general changes to the community.

Oct 2015 - Mar 2016 - Development of  a prototype discovery index for medieval manuscripts that combines traditional descriptive catalog records with user-enhanced information in the form of transcriptions and annotations.The discovery index is a web application that utilizes a customized Blacklight front-end coupled with a SOLR index.

Sep 2015 - Sep 2016 - Design and development of a simple demonstration workflow between a data repository and a data paper publisher, enabling researchers to easily publish datasets as peer reviewed data articles. The implementation takes the form of a API definition along with a reference implementation, in the form of a bridging application allowing researcher to submit references to their datasets from the institution / subject data repositories, create a data paper in accordance to the chosen publisher / journal requirements with the help of the application and once complete, submit the paper to the chosen journal. The application is based on Sufia 6


Based in San Diego and Portland; contact Crystal Richardson: 

2007 to Current - Notch8 was founded as a Rails Consultancy, with extensive experience in solr and complex devops.  We have completed several Rails projects with UCSD, and are working with UCLA and UC Merced on a research opportunities portal.  

September 2016 - Created a Detailed Server Architecture Plan and set up production servers with Fedora, Solr, Hydra, and Sufia.  Servers are set up with Ansible scripts to create automation for easy redeployment for any outages or changes.  Currently working with the American Theological Library Association and interested in working with more organizations.  

CoSector, University of London

UK based, contact Julie Allinson (

King's Fund

University of Hull

The Digital Research Technologies Team have been hosting and developing OS repositories for 10 years. As of January 2017, we started working with Samvera, having previously worked with EPrints.

March 2018 we started working with the University of Hull, in partnership with Cottage Labs, to deliver a digital archive for the Hull City of Culture, using Hyrax and Archivematica.

June 2018 we launched the King's Fund Digital Archive, migrated from an EPrints repository to Hyku.

We do bespoke development, hosting and other repository-related consultancy.