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Financial Vision – July 2016


Samvera Partners are the backbone of the project. Their contributions of time, effort and in kind for the good of the project are the resources that power project administration, its community coordination, and advances in the technical framework. Becoming a Partner does not require making financial contributions–and in fact for many years the project actively avoided direct financial contributions by strategy (to help build a strong network of grassroots ownership) and by necessity (it technically had no means to bank money).


This is a a financial vision for the Samvera Project, produced after discussions among the Samvera Steering Group in 2015 and at its January 2016 face-to-face meeting in Atlanta, and at Samvera Power Steering in March 2016. It is meant to articulate a longterm vision for the project's financial strategy, and also provide a near term plan and position paper for how the project will manage its finances in the coming quarters and years.  


The Samvera Project seeks to build its financial capacity–the ability to gather, manage, and spend money, all with appropriate governance, controls and transparency–in order to support the project's activities. As the project grows in size, sophistication and spread of interests, centrally pooled and managed funding will be essential to efficiently supporting the community's coordination (organizing Samvera connect and other meetings, e.g.), communications (project website, marketing materials, conference presence, e.g.), technical coordination (release planning, technical writing for for Samvera components, etc.), adopter support (possibly commissioned work to fund next generation technology development, or last generation technology stability), and directed work (expansion into related communities–such as DevOps, archives or repository managers, or coordination in grant proposals or responding to RFPs from others on behalf of the project, e.g.).