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Comment: Added yesterday's stand-up report.


titleStand-up report - 2017-05-16


<escowles> [Import/Export standup]
<escowles> Finished yesterday:
<escowles> * Adding option to overwrite tombstones on import
<escowles> * Suppressing duplicate RDF types on re-import
<escowles> Today:
<escowles> * Responding to code review comments
<escowles> * Support changing repository baseURL
<escowles> Blockers:
<escowles> * None

<awoods> [Import/Export Standup]
<awoods> Finished yesterday:
<awoods> - Created and assigned several tickets based on Sprint Kickoff meeting:
<awoods> - Reviewed Adding option to overwrite tombstones on import
<awoods> Working on today:
<awoods> - Reviewing any tickets that are completed
<awoods> - Working "import tool looks for sha1 manifest file with capitalized filename" :
<awoods> Blockers:
<awoods> - None

<youn> [Import/Export Standup]
<youn> Finished yesterday:
<youn> - Ran export and import using one-click jar and 10KIndirectContainers
<youn> - Attempted to run
<youn> Working on today:
<youn> - Run
<youn> - FCREPO-2369: fails on unicode-escaped characters; attempt to replicate error
<youn> - FCREPO-2438: document use of CND for namespaces; attempt to apply fix
<youn> - Will be offline in the afternoon for meetings, etc.
<youn> Blockers:
<youn> - urllib module in

<mikeAtUVa> [Import/Export Standup]
<mikeAtUVa> Finished yesterday:
<mikeAtUVa> Spoke breifly with benpennell to strategize
<mikeAtUVa> Working on today:
<mikeAtUVa> adding support to update certain server-managed triples
<mikeAtUVa> - replace code that simplifies PUT interactions to use existing "handling-lenient, received-minimal" pattern
<mikeAtUVa> - attempt to implement intuitive date updates adding children with provided creation dates
<mikeAtUVa> - add test cases for binaries and ensure that they work
<mikeAtUVa> - address test failure on travis (didn't appear locally) :
<mikeAtUVa> - determine the interaction of forced modification dates with etags and their implications on caching and if-modified headers
<mikeAtUVa> Blockers:
<mikeAtUVa> - none

<benpennell> Finished yesterday:
<benpennell> * environment setup
<benpennell> * read through Mike's work on
<benpennell> Working on today:
<benpennell> * familiarize myself with import/export codebase.
<benpennell> * familiarize myself with current and new versioning specifications, the challenges involved.
<benpennell> * strategize about how to represent versions
<benpennell> * work towards generating some tickets with Mike.
<benpennell> Blockers:
<benpennell> * is there previous work/discussion about exporting versions to reference?

<westgard> [Import/Export Standup]
<westgard> Finished yesterday:
<westgard> re-familiarized myself with code and tickets
<westgard> consulted with dbernstein regarding logging behavior ticket (FCREPO-2368)
<westgard> identified test data that demonstrates bug in unicode escaping (FCREPO-2369)
<westgard> Working on today:
<westgard> FCREPO-2303 (verify triples)
<westgard> FCREPO-2329 (handle missing resources during verification)
<westgard> Blockers:
<westgard> More feedback from stakeholders regarding desired logging behavior & command line options would be helpful (relates to FCREPO-2368)

Finished yesterday:
  Installed applications / tools for import export testing on workstation.
Working on today:
Verifying installation of applications / tools.
Logging documentation for import/export:
Cannot load “main” sample datasets into one-click run Fedora 4.7.2.  “mvn -Dfcrepo.url=http://localhost:8080/rest/ exec:java” command results in “ERROR 08:29:39.119 (FedoraInvalidNamespaceExceptionMapper) NamespaceExceptionMapper caught an exception: Prefix fcr has not been registered” for each dataset.  (Loading the “additional datasets” via fcr:restore seems to work fine.)

titleStand-up report - 2017-05-17

<lsitu> [Import/Export Standup]
<lsitu> Finished yesterday:
<lsitu> Re-import of hierarchy:
<lsitu> Working on today:
<lsitu> Add support for round-tripping with binaries excluded:
<lsitu> Blockers:
<lsitu> N/A.

<dbernstein> [Import/Export Standup]
<dbernstein> Finished yesterday:
<dbernstein> * Added to verify tool and setup up support for adding unit tests
<dbernstein> * Did some minor refactoring of command line parser using ‘click’ module
<dbernstein> * Add support for installing verify (now fcrepo-verify) on the path.
<dbernstein> * Pull request is in.
<dbernstein> Working on today:
<dbernstein> *
<dbernstein> (provide full DEBUG-level logging for import-export verification tool)
<dbernstein> Blockers:
<dbernstein> None.

<bridgetalmas> [Import/Export Standup] Working on today:   Verify Perseids BagIt Profile Blockers:   Mapping to LDP model   Import of tag manifest contents (

<youn> [Import/Export Standup]
<youn> Finished yesterday:
<youn> - Ran to verify export of 10KIndirectContainers; attempted to verify import but stopped when I ran into lots of verification errors
<youn> - Started repository with modified repository.json and namespaces.cnd
<youn> Working on today:
<youn> - - backup and import data set that caused error
<youn> - - finish
<youn> - look into import verification errors
<youn> Blockers:
<youn> - none
<youn> Correction: - - restore and export data set that caused error

<coblej> [Import/Export Standup]
<coblej> Finished yesterday:
<coblej> Verified installation of applications / tools.
<coblej> Working on today:
<coblej> Logging documentation for import/export:
<coblej> Testing with subset of production-like Duke data:
<coblej> Blockers:
<coblej> None

<escowles> [Import/Export Standup]
<escowles> Yesterday:
<escowles> * Updated PR for overwriting tombstones:
<escowles> * Worked on support for changing repository baseURL
<escowles> Today:
<escowles> * Continue working on changing repository baseURL
<escowles> * Meetings
<escowles> Blockers:
<escowles> * None

<mikeAtUVa> [Import/Export Standup]
<mikeAtUVa> Finished yesterday:
<mikeAtUVa> -
<mikeAtUVa> - rolled back changes (in my work) that simplified PUT semantics
<mikeAtUVa> - identified additional work necessary to use existing "minimal" triples requests
<mikeAtUVa> - learned some more about how binary properties are stored, devised strategy for updating previously server-managed properties for binaries
<mikeAtUVa> Working on today:
<mikeAtUVa> - Hope to finish up
<mikeAtUVa> Blockers:
<mikeAtUVa> - None