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  • Declan taking notes - please verify attendance
  • New and returning folks welcomed
  • Thought on onboarding Fedora leaders
    • Knowing what to expect on calls
    • We have a Slack channel
    • Susan will draft an onboarding draft checklist
      • Aaron will add more about what's expected of us
    • Also would be good to refresh the Fedora website (not just wiki) with Leadership roles clarifications
    • Stefano would like to add a role to coordinate with the Hydra and Islandora communities
      • Will help a lot with the finalization of the API specs
      • Fedora Adopers Guide is a parallel effort that can be promoted an improved by this coordination
    • Nick - It would be good to have Leadership representation on the Tech Calls
      • Maybe we should have committers on this call?
      • Updates from commiters to Leadership would be good
      • Susan - need to be clear with the goals and comms flow
    • Revisit governance process to get tech representation via the voting mechanism
  • Fedora Meeting at CNI
    • Long convo about code of conduct
    • Migration issues - having something formal to support low-hanging fruit type sites to prove that it's possible
    • Future looking issues were brought up, but there wasn't a lot of time for them given the tactical issues
      • Knowledge infrastructure
      • Becoming more aligned with other projects (VIVO, Fedora, Hydra, Islandora, DSpace)
      • More of this on these calls would be good
    • Support of specific versions
      • Targeting for migration
    • The concept of a centralized testing infra to test releases
      • Targeting production scale testing
      • DuraSpace managed, AWS hosted?
    • Hiring developers got a lot of support
      • Always a balance between community ownership and centralize control
      • Focus on current tasks
      • Neil - as opposed to buying devs from currently attached institutions?
        • Not a lot of devs available
        • Nick - buying DuraSpace devs has worked really well for Hybox, Fedora (many members, Import/Export), Chrono
  • Ginny asks that we look at the survey results for what/how to share
    • Add comments, how to make it most effective