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  1. Updates/progress
    1. Development on JHU Package ingest extension
    2. Refactoring demo images to make changing default ports easier
  2. Adding API-X meeting to community calendar
  3. Demo 2 TODOs 
    1. Upgrade Amherst services to latest from Maven Central
    2. Use Amherst's named graph indexer for indexing objects?
    3. Write triple store demo
    4. Write package ingest demo
    5. Write intercepting extension demo 
    6. LDpath demo?


  • JHU wrapping "package ingest extension" to POST bags to a given container in repo
    • Uses a streaming-oriented API (e.g. friendly to large chunked uploads, responds immediately with Server-sent events stream
    • JHU has use cases related to external tools generating bagged resources, transferring into repository for first time
  • Elliot Metsger refactored docker configuration of demo images to make it easier to specify alternate ports for API-X, other services
  • Christopher Johnson has been developing a suite of tools to support IIIF tools and workflows in Fedora, is using API-X in that suite
    • IIIF meeting in Vatican.  There is a subset of users that are interested in Fedora and/or API-X
  • Amherst moving to v1.1.0 of repository extension services, has improvements to triple indexing as named graphs
    • Best for API-X to wait for this release before integrating into docker images
  • Amherst triple indexer is more general then fcrepo for various reasons, not a drop-in replacement
    • Named graphs, not built around single-subject constraint
    • Does not filter by Indexable out of the box, but a user can add whatever filters they like
    • UMD was having heavy load on Fedora while indexing, may appreciate additional control
  • Action item:  Replace fcrepo-camel-toolbox indexer with Amherst indexer in demo Docker images
  • Want to remove as much internal logic from components (such as triple indexer as possible.
    • Leveraging API-X service binding to filter messages to async processes is compelling use case
    • NASA has multiple indexes, triplestores talking to triplestores, etc
    • API-X helps focus on data rather than technology/implementation details 
  • Issues wiith Modeshape slowness
  • Should put API-X on community calendar