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titleAbout the Cartographic Materials project

Harvard will create native Linked Data descriptions for a selection of library cartographic resources including printed maps, atlases, digital geospatial datasets, and other cartographic information resources. 

Together with LD4L-Labs partners, Harvard will convert a set of Harvard Geospatial Library metadata records into linked data descriptions.

Note: Documentation, ontology files, and data being created to support the Cartographic Materials extension project are available at the LD4P Cartographic Materials GitHub repository

Harvard Project Proposal

For questions or comments, please contact Marc McGee, Geospatial Metadata Librarian, mmcgee (at) fas (dot) harvard (dot) edu, or submit issues via

  • Set of natively cataloged BIBFRAME descriptions for a variety of cartographic resource types using the cartographic materials extension ontology.
  • Develop a set of mapping rules for Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) geospatial metadata standards to linked data.
  • A set of Harvard Geospatial Library metadata records converted to linked open data using the cartographic materials extension.

titleCurrent Activities

Last updated: 47/2717/2018


  • Finalize supporting documentation for the Geospatial and Cartographic Resource Ontology (GCRO), including recommendation papers and graphic models (May-June July 2018)

  • Create a Geospatial and Cartographic Resources Ontology (GCRO) SHACL application profile (May-June 2018deferred to future date)

Production Cataloging

  • Manual customization of Harvard Vitrolib instance to support geospatial and cartographic resource native description
  • Test cataloging of a selection of geospatial and cartographic resources using the GCRO application profile in the Harvard geospatial data instance of VitroLib (May-June 2018deferred to future date)

Visualization work

See Harvard LD4L Labs wiki for documents

titleCompleted Work

Last updated: 4/27/2018


  • Completed field mappings for geospatial metadata conversion: FGDC to bibliotek-o + Geospatial and Cartographic Resources Ontology (GCRO) extensions (3/2017)

Data conversion

  • Converted a set of 8,800 Harvard Geospatial Library and 5,100 Stanford Earthworks geospatial metadata records to the target geospatial LOD ontology
  • Reconciled agent names, topic keywords, places of publication, and place keywords to linked data entities in the converted data sets
  • Data loaded into Harvard geospatial data instance of VitroLib

See Harvard LD4L Labs wiki for documents