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titleAbout the Moving Image Extension

Harvard will assess BIBFRAME's effectiveness as a data model for describing moving image materials for research needs, and identify domain-specific extensions to BIBFRAME, as well as vocabularies for description of these materials in a linked data environment.

Harvard project proposal

April 2017 project update

For questions or comments, please contact Christine Fernsebner Eslao, Metadata Management, Harvard Library: eslao [ at ] fas [ dot ] harvard [ dot ] edu or submit issues via

  • Extension to BIBFRAME for moving image materials
  • BIBFRAME profile for moving images descriptions
  • Set of published BIBFRAME descriptions for a variety of moving image resources
  • Written evaluation of the project and set of recommendations for future research and development
  • Presentation of project findings to appropriate communities.

titleCurrent Activities


  • Discussion papers and recommendations 
  • Ontology extension files
  • Application profile and conversion mappings 
  • Survey of related ontologies and linked data efforts
  • Pattern documents for types of moving image resources, extending shared activities model, modeling physical details (durations, defects, sound, color, relationships between works and expressions, item history)
  • Ontology file with extension terms

See Harvard LD4L Labs wiki for documents

Linked Data Creation

  • Creation of ISNI identifiers for named entities, beginning with directors

Tool Exploration / Requirements Definition

  • Vitrolib custom forms
  • Lookups/caching specs
  • Reconciliation tools 

Community Engagement

  • Discussions with Harvard Film Archive and Northeast Historic Film staff


Link to working documents (for partners only)

titleCompleted Work


  • Core ontology contributions 
  • Moving image use cases
  • Analysis of Harvard Film Archive data sources
  • Initial moving image modeling sprint  

See Harvard LD4L Labs wiki for documents

Tool Exploration / Requirements Definition

  • Vitrolib custom forms


  • Discussions with Library of Congress BIBFRAME pilot participants
  • Pattern documents for LD4P/LD4L Labs BIBFRAME extension group
  • LD4P/LD4L ontology extension meeting  

Community Engagement

  • Interviews with Harvard Film Archive and Northeast Historic Film staff