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Support for the oai-provider module has fallen out of support since the release of Fedora 4.4.0.
If you are interested in using and helping maintain this module, we would be delighted to hear from you on the mailing list!

This guide will help you setup the OAI-PMH provider for Fedora 4 on Tomcat 7. For further details, please refer to the project's documentation on GitHub.

Setting up Tomcat7

Install Tomcat. Use the appropriate package manager (e.g. yum, portage) to install Tomcat (on Xubuntu, for example, setting up Tomcat is accomplished by a simple command:


The OAI Provider relies on four properties being present in the main repository for the IDENTIFY verb. The properties and the corresponding default values are:

oai:repositoryName "Fedora 4"
oai:description "An example repository description"
oai:version<build version>
oai:adminAddress ""

These properties have to populated manually for now (with the exception of oai:version, which is populated automatically to reflect the build version), using SPARQL/Update queries of the pattern: