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titleMeeting 04 - September 9, 2016

Meeting 04 - September 9, 2016


  • Stakeholder satisfaction; Goal: complete all phase-1 requirements and documentation
    1. Support transacting in RDF
    2. Support allowing the option to include Binaries
    3. Support references from exported resources to other exported resources
    4. Support import into a non-existing Fedora container
    5. Support export of resource and its "members" based on the ldp:contains predicate
    6. The URIs of the round-tripped resources must be the same as the original URIs
  • Retrospective
    1. What went well during the sprint cycle?
    2. What went wrong during the sprint cycle?
    3. What could we do differently to improve?
  • Penn State Sprint; September 19-23


  • Stakeholder satisfaction
    • Requirements 1-6 were largely met
    • Requirement 6: true for relative paths
    • Possible future requirement to consider: option to delete fcr:tombstone
    • Focus on finding bugs and creating tickets, making it clear where we are now
    • Readme should include link to JIRA query
    • Bugs discussed: handling of pairtree nodes in plant patents data set; loss of properties upon import of plant patents data set; authorization errors
  • Penn State Sprint; September 19-23
    • Nick, Esme, Jon Stroop, and Andrew will participate and will touch base next week
    • Justin and Josh will check their availability and will confirm on IRC by 10am ET on Monday, September 12
    • Esme: The Penn State Sprint will focus on bags; work on bugs and other issues can happen concurrently; LDP-ICs are a priority for Sufia and Hydra
  • Other follow up
    • Mike will be working over the weekend; the expectation is that a mini-code freeze will be in place
    • Bethany will write a script to validate import and export by comparing triples, which could be provided with the utility
    • Andrew: code refactoring will happen early next week
    • Nick will draft an email notification to stakeholders and share it in a Google document
  • Retrospective
    • Andrew
      1. IRC; integration of roles
      2. Didn't finish everything
      3. Do a better job of making sure we have time available
    • Esme
      1. IRC; code review
      2. Dependency chaining; interruptions and other work
      3. More preparation at the beginning of the sprint
    • Mike
      1. Coordination working on same code base
      2. Unclear standards for fcrepo-labs code reviews
      3. Limit distractions in code reviews
    • Youn
      1. Communication
      2. Level of effort at the beginning of the sprint
      3. More preparation
    • Bethany
      1. IRC; teamwork
      2. Didn't have models to follow and know where to contribute at the beginning of the sprint
      3. Start working on scripts earlier
    • Justin
      1. IRC; group dynamics; overall what was accomplished
      2. Naive sense of commitment required; could have started sooner; learning curve with Fedora
      3. Review time commitments at kickoff; document code review process; bring data sets and examples upfront
    • Josh
      1. Daily stand ups; wiki documentation
      2. IRC somewhat distracting
      3. Clear testing phase
    • Nick
      1. Communication
      2. Better job scoping requirements; dependency chaining
      3. Blocking off calendars; assigning work; communicating schedules



titleStand-up report - 2016-08-30

<awoods> [Import/Export Standup]
<awoods> # Completed yesterday:
<awoods> ** Create a basic executable jar for fcrepo-import-export
<awoods> ** Create a basic CLI framework for fcrepo-import-export
<awoods> # Planning on completing today:
<awoods> Whatever help is useful/needed
<awoods> # Blockers / Need help with:
<awoods> None

<ruebot> [Import/Export Standup]
<ruebot> * Completed yesterday: - Stub page created for - Done
<ruebot> * Planning on completing today: -
<ruebot> * Blockers / Need help with: - None

<westgard> [Import/Export Standup]
<westgard> * Completed yesterday:
* dhlamb (~dhlamb@ has joined
<westgard> Gathered test dataset (100 objects, ea. with a PDF file, total 55BM)
<westgard> Started batch load script to load to fcrepo (about 2/3 complete):
<westgard> * Planning on completing today:
<westgard> Finish batch loader, load data to fcrepo vagrant, and export using serializer
<westgard> * Blockers / Need help with:
<westgard> None

<bseeger> [import / export standup]
<bseeger> * Completed yesterday:
* youn (8284ad7b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined
<bseeger> I've been lurking mostly, glad to help where I can, but not sure what that is right now, though I'm sure there will be more later.
<bseeger> * Planning on completing today:
<bseeger> helping with the test doc
<bseeger> * Blocker / Need help with:
<bseeger> Nothing right now. Been wondering though, what about fedora triples and maintaining them on an import - ie, restoring based on export. Probably not part of first phase, but should be designed in.

<youn> * Completed yesterday: initial draft of test plan for import export sprint (edits and feedback welcome!)
* westgard has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
* ajs6f ( has joined
<youn> * Planning on completing today: updating test plan; starting work on components
<youn> * Blockers / Need help with: feedback on test plan

<escowles> [import/export standup]:
<escowles> * completed yesterday: added stub readme and maven execution plugin, started on export utility
<escowles> * today: just merged #4 (command-line parsing), plan on finishing basic export utility and creating tickets for obvious improvements
<escowles> * blockers: none

<justinsimpson> [Import/Export Standup]
<justinsimpson> * Completed yesterday: - attended kick off meeting (first hour)
<justinsimpson> * Planning on completing today: - setting up test environment and populating with test data
<justinsimpson> * Blockers / Need help with: - None