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  • Tell the build script to skip the unit tests: they don't test the theme.
    • ant deploy mvn install -Dskiptests=true
  • Don't restart Tomcat.
    • VIVO always serves the most recent version of CSS files, image files, and JavaScript files. You don't need to restart Tomcat to make that happen.
    • However, your browser may cache these files so you won't see the most recent version. Here are some suggestions for bypassing your browser cache.
  • Tell VIVO to reload Freemarker templates each time they are requested.  Use The Developer Panel to defeat the Freemarker cache See Tips for Interface Developers.

Some developers prefer to make theme changes inside the tomcat/webapp/vivo directory. This eliminates the need to run the build script, but opens the threat of having the changes over-written the next time the build script runs.

When to restart Tomcat

If you make changes to any of the or to any of the RDF files in your VIVO home directory, you must restart Tomcat in order to see the effect of the changes.


If you make changes to any of the source files in the theme, including images, CSS, JavaScript or Freemarker templates, you must run the build script, but you do not need to restart Tomcat.