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  1. Cornell hosting of institution-specific VitroLib instances for some LD4P partners. These will include Cornell, Columbia, and possibly others to be identified.
  2. Provision of an installation package for LD4P partners who will host their own instances.
  3. Iterative development of the application based on close collaboration with and feedback from LD4P partners as they use the tool. These customizations will include development of custom data entry forms and data display based on the underlying ontologies developed and recommended by the LD4L Labs/LD4P ontology working group.
  4. Improvements to the Vitro core technology identified during the course of editor customizations. Design and implementation of this improvements will be based on discussions with and recommendations from the VIVO community, with the expectation that these will be merged back into the Vitro code repository for the benefit of the VIVO community and other Vitro users. An immediate task is to fully separate the VIVO and Vitro code bases as a prerequisite for clean development of another Vitro-based application.

Github code repository 

Current status

  • Installation of a shared exploratory sandbox with sample customizations is complete. LD4P partners have been given administrative and editorial access to the instance, and their initial explorations will result in the identification of initial requirements and feature rquests requests for ongoing development.
  • The webinar series is planned for release in mid-to-late September 2016.
  • The full set of written VitroLib documentation will be an ongoing project over the next several months, and will be available in stages as work is completed.
  • Initial work on the clean separation of Vitro and VIVO is underway.
  • The ontology working group is in the process of developing an ontology recommendation which will underly the editor customizations. This recommendation is expected to be complete by mid-to-late September 2016.

VitroLib Tutorials

A series of VitroLib tutorials are available on YouTube.