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  1. Do we consider URIs in API-X to be done? 
  2. Service Discovery and Binding have and Execution are out for review.  Are there any outstanding issues that need to be addressed before finalizing them?
  3. Next step with design docs - commit to GitHub repo. 
    1. Can design-related issues in GitHub (#2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7,  #30) be closed once this happens?
  4. Discuss moving the non-developer overview doc to an official, more finalized state.
  5. Work in progress for #10 and #12 - Aaron Birkland will bring local work into alignment with docs, have PR by next meeting



Clarify Rob’s objections:

  • In his repo, he has object with existing URIs, is concerned that putting a proxy in front of those objects would necessitate new uri assignments

    • → you can configure API-X proxy to not change uris at all, but use existing ones.

  • What happens if you install/expose services in API-X that has the same names with objects in the repository

    • → In practice, that’s not likely to happen. Maybe there’s a way for API-X to prevent this from happening

→ This doc can be considered finalized and ready to be committed to github

Service Binding doc, Execution and Routing doc review

Review these docs between now and next API-X call

GitHub issues relating to design doc can be closed after design docs are committed to GitHub?

  • These issues should be closed once design docs are complete. New questions related to these issues in the future should be submitted as new issues.

  • Summary of discussion could be captured at the closing note of the GitHub issue

Non-Technical Overview doc

  • This doc should be put in the confluence wiki page for API-X

  • Give the group until next call to call the document finalized