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Use Cases

5. Rebuilder

  • Would logically shred repository and reassemble from serialization
  • Multiple copies of shreds that are physically distributed
  • Allow for partial recovery
  • Optimizing granularity of shreds for maximal recovery is an open question
  • Test is writing recovery routine

6. Round-tripping in Fedora

  • May be subsumed under 64 (& 5?)
  • Intended to address immutable properties in Fedora that may need to be modified

8. Dynamic containers

  • May be covered by resource sync
  • Knowing to skip existing resources
  • Updating known resources via URIs vs. updating based on description (latter is definitely out of scope)

9. Additional tooling to maximize efficiency of bulk loads (100-300K objects/day)


External Systems -Acceptance testing
APTrust - Joshua Westgard
MetaArchive - Karen Estlund & Michael J. Giarlo (to be confirmed)
Archivematica - Mark Jordan & Justin Simpson 

9 & 10 may be covered by LDP
All general requirements assumed to be client-side.


1st sprint will take place the weeks of August 8th and 15th

Nick Ruest will send follow up email to confirm commitments and roles.


Next meeting is August 5, 2015; finalize requirements.