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See test scripts.

Testing initially focused on:


However, those do not appear to significantly impact performance.  So the process of converting a looking up which node a proxy points to and converting the node reference to a URI seems like the most likely culprit (hence looking at acoburn:fcrepo-1957).seem to be the problem.  The process is:

  • List the children of a direct container and load each node.
  • Load the node the proxyFor property points to.
  • Convert the member node to a URI.

Each of these steps is reasonably fast (~1msec).  But as the number of members grows, even 3 msec per member eventually adds up.  For example, a collection with 10,000 members would take 30 seconds.

Some possible options for improving performance include:

  • Caching nodes: this can improve the time to look up the member node and convert it to a URI.
  • Using properties explicitly set on the collection object instead of proxies: this can eliminate the extra node lookup for loading the proxy node.
  • Using Modeshape's internal query functionality: in theory this could be more efficient than iterating over the proxies.  However, it appears that Modeshape uses the database as a document store, and so winds up loading all of the members anyway, with performance very similar to just iterating over all the children.