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  1. Transfer between Fedora and external preservation systems, such as APTrust, MetaArchive, LOCKSS, DPN, Archivematica, etc
  2. Package [Export] the content of a single Fedora container and all its descendant resources
  3. Transfer between fedora instances or (more generally) from Fedora to an LDP archive
  4. load [Import] the contents of a package into a specified container.
  5. Round-tripping resources in Fedora in support of backup/restore
    1. A start has been made on this in FCREPO-1990
    2. The implementation referenced in the above ticket is not dead, though not actively being worked on at the moment; pull requests welcomed (though others may well wish to take it in a different direction).
    3. A rebuilder that:
      1. Is not solely dependent on a intact backup of the repository index
      2. Works off shredded serializations that can be supported with file preservation techniques
      3. Can recover as much as possible of a repository in the face of integrity issues (supports partial recovery)
      4. Supports gathering copies of the shreds (serializations) from multiple sources to recover a repository
  6. Round-tripping resources in Fedora in support of Fedora repository version upgrades
  7. Batch loading arbitrary sets of resources from metadata spreadsheet and binaries (may well be difficult – or not worth it – to try to generalize such a feature).
  8. Import or export containers or binaries using add, overwrite, or delete operations. Configure the data model and the source and the target for each resource that will be updated. Allow target containers to be non-empty before import and source containers to be non-empty after export. Maintain ordering, etc. Version or backup to restoreSupport versioning. Examples: add issues to a publication; add fragments to a manuscript; add data sets to a longitudinal study; add time-series images from telescopes; remove resources determined to be under copyright; release resources after restrictions on access have expired.