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Together with the Item Level Versioning an Identifier Service was introduced that make it possible to integrate new Identifiers. Currently the Identifier Service is used for Items only, but this may be changed in future versions of DSpace. Identifiers used for different versions are an very important point as part of an versioning strategy. The following documentation describes the Identifier Service in the context of Item Level Versioning, nevertheless the Identifier Service is also used for Items when the Item Level Versioning is switched off.

Versioning and Identifier Service

DSpace Item Versioning is encapsulated as an Extensible Service that may be reimplemented by the local repository maintainers to produce alternate versioning behaviors and Identifier Schemes. Versioning Services layer on top of IdentifierServices dedicated to Encoding, Resolution, Minting and Registration of Identifiers for specific DSpace Items and Bitstreams. It is through this highly extensible layering of functionality where local developers can alter the versioning behavior and introduce their own local enhancements.  The DSpace Service Manager, based on the Spring Framework, provides the key leverage for this flexibility.