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  • working from Bibframe and other established ontologies, define an initial ontology that will be used for the testbed/reference implementation
  • identify gaps where new work may be needed
Paolo, PaulJon, Steven, Jason, RebeccaLynn, Philip, Rob 


  • setting up infrastructure for ingest and triple stores as seems appropriate
  • providing testbed/reference implementation in common
  • getting data transformed to the ontology and ingested
  • working on the tooling (start with the same tools and diverge if necessary to support longer term value at each site)

Paul, Paolo, Jonathan

Simeon, Lynette, RebeccaNaomi, Darren W., Rob?Simeon to organize calls.
Use Cases SWAT Team
  • identification/refinement/vetting of use cases
  • discussions about how one surfaces this data to fulfill the use cases
  • will likely morph into a discovery/access group on completion of the first phase
-Dean, Simeon, JonNaomi?, Lynn?, Tom, Rob 
Outreach and Workshop
  • how to make what we do understandable to people beyond the project – affecting use cases, demos, project communication
  • planning and executing the workshop